Click Frenzy, do you know why it is celebrated?

The empacho of ‘Black Friday’ has no end. This Frenzy will be the last blows of this new tradition imported from Australia: the ‘Click ​​Frenzy’.

The difference between ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Click ​​Frenzy’ is the place of purchase. While ‘Black Friday’ is available both in physical stores and in e-commerce, ‘Click ​​Frenzy’ is limited to online commerce.

If the origin of the phenomenon of ‘Black Friday’ is more or less known, that of Click Frenzy, as this day is also known, is much closer. A press release from coined this concept on November 28, 2005. “Click ​​Frenzy is quickly becoming one of the biggest online shopping days of the year,” said the press release, which said sales had increased 77% among retailers.

So it was the arrival of electronic commerce that led to ‘Click ​​Frenzy’, in addition to the need for companies to get rid of products that had not sold on ‘Black Friday’. It could be considered an extension of offers but focused on online commerce. So large areas or platforms like Amazon are the big beneficiaries. Small businesses that are joining these traditions do not have websites to make these rebates.

The end of a week of discounts

That the suggestive offers are limited from 00.00 on Sunday to 00.00 on Frenzy attracts more buyers every year, since the ‘Black Friday’ extends throughout the weekend in many shops. Or it even arrives before Friday. According to a report published by the OBS Business School, in 2015, the ‘Click ​​Frenzy’ multiplied its sales by four and exceeded the ‘Black Friday’ by 80%.

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The feeling of immediacy encourages buying, in addition to assuming the closure of pre-Christmas purchases. And that is what marketing experts know. It is expected that between ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Click ​​Frenzy’, online sales of 1,267 million euros will be managed in Spain, 13.12% more than in 2015, according to a report by the Spanish Association of the Economy Digital (A digital).

Who joins the ‘Click ​​Frenzy’?

The large areas have more weight on this date because they do have online platforms to place their products. The small and medium-sized company has joined Black Friday little by little, but for now, they are not part of the Click Frenzy discounts. But time to time.

Technology is the jewel in the crown of ‘Click ​​Frenzy’, as it is what users are looking for more earnestly. Amazon and FNAC dominate the date with very attractive offers. In 2016, FNAC lowered prices for some products by 60%. For its part, Amazon offers a second chance to those who missed the ‘Black Friday’. In the Amazon Click ​​Frenzy, the offers will appear and expire every hour. The English Court and MediaMarkt have also joined the phenomenon, among others.

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