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Coloured Contact Lenses That Are Perfect For My Eyes

With the ever-changing fashion trends, we just cannot afford to stay behind. This is where coloured contact lenses are taking the centre stage in the fashion industry. Individuals are using these coloured contact lenses to make a fashion statement and these lenses are the best thing for this fashion crazy generation. So why are these coloured lenses are so popular now?

The first thing that determines our beauty is our eyes, they are the first thing that you look in a person. And if you beautify your eyes, you would definitely amplify your beauty, your eyes are the most prominent facial feature. The iris in our eyes has lines, patterns and freckles that provide the bright colour in our eyes. With coloured contact lenses such as the aqua coloured contact lenses, you can make them even more beautiful.

Coloured contact lenses are just normal contact lenses that have a coloured tint on them that have different lines, patterns and colour shades. This tint blends in with the natural eye colour to produce the shine and depth in your eyes.

People are using these coloured contact lenses like crazy and not just for some special parties’ events or festivals such as Halloween, but even for everyday life. People are using coloured lenses to make a fashion statement.

You must be wondering how that is possible. Well, why not, there are so many types of coloured contact lenses. You can go out the home and change your eye colour or enhance it at will. They are the perfect way to catch the attention of onlookers. And the best thing is that you would look completely natural with these lenses.

I mentioned something about changing or enhancing your eye colour. You must be wondering what and how. There are different coloured tints available such as the enhancement tints that are translucent and they blend in with the eye colour to enhance it. Then we have the opaque coloured tints that are completely solid and they cover the iris so that no natural colour of the eye is visible. With these, you can change the eye colour at will. And believe me that the colour would be so natural that it would mesmerize anyone looking at you.

Coloured Contact Lenses For Dark Coloured Eyes

Another interesting fact about coloured lenses is that these coloured tints have different purposes. For example, the enhancement tints are usually good for light coloured eyes while the opaque lenses are commonly used for dark coloured eyes. So if you have dark coloured eyes like dark brown or black then you would probably need to use the opaque tints. But would colour would suit you best?

Blue, Green, Hazel and Purple contacts

If you have a dark colour for your eyes such as dark brown, then the use of opaque tints of light blue or hazel coloured lenses would be perfect. For people with a bit more prominent dark brown eyes, bright green coloured lenses would do just fine.

As brown and purple are from the family of red colour, the purple coloured lenses are perfect with brown eyes. Even though purple is not natural eye colour. Still, it would look amazing if you want a bolder look.

What are the best colour contact lenses for light coloured eyes?

Light coloured eyes can use both enhancement tints and opaque, depending on their preference. Some natural light colours are light blue, hazel and light brown.

When you have light blue eyes, you can use a brighter shade of aqua blue contact lenses or even light green contact lenses.

For those with hazel coloured eyes would enjoy honey-coloured lenses and a brighter shade of green.

The best-coloured contact lenses for my skin tone?

Lighter skin tones

Depending on your lighter skin tone, the colours that could be used are lighter colours or if you want to add some contrast you can go for brighter colours too. Like lighter skins with warmer tones would enjoy hazel or light brown coloured lenses. But, light skin with cooler tones would look lovely with blue coloured lenses or bright green.

Dark Skintones

When you have darker skin tones, you need to be bolder and choose a bit brighter shades of colours. Colours such as purple, red, or dark green and blue would suit your style more than anything.

A lot would also depend on your clothing and facial makeup too. So you can always improvise on your looks.

Hair Colour& Coloured Lenses

Hair colour also plays a small yet important part of choosing the right coloured contact lenses for your eyes. The coloured lenses may be contrasting or similar to the hair colour. But you shouldn’t stray off course, you need to get the colour combination absolutely right.

Darker hair would always favour dark shades such as red and purple and bright brown. With a lighter colour, you will always have a bigger range of colours to use. Colours such as light and bright blue & green. Hazel coloured lenses and even red would look amazing with red hairs.

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