Common Problems with Commercial Refrigerators

Common Problems with Commercial Refrigerators

Proper management of your commercial refrigeration system is essential for your business. Commercial refrigerators work at a high rate and almost for the whole day. They use a lot of energy, and it is easy for some parts and components to develop faults.

If you want the proper functioning of your refrigerator, be sure to check its parts regularly. If you see any faults make sure you act quick enough to repair it before it turns into anything serious.

Let us look at some of the most common issues in commercial refrigerators.

Loud noises from inside the fridge

Even though commercial refrigerators usually are quiet, they do produce some noise. It’s different parts like the fan, motor, condenser, etc. create a particular sound, but they are normal.

You need to pay attention to abnormal and sudden noises coming out of your fridge. It indicates that some part of your fridge is not working correctly. A refrigerator doesn’t produce such sounds if it’s in a perfect condition. It can be both a major and a minor issue. Be sure to check this at a time before the problem expands.

Growth of ice inside the fridge

Generally, ice or frost formation is due to leakage or faulty airflow in your refrigeration system. The presence of ice is a sign of a defective system. The fridge works to keep the products inside it cold, so you may think ice formation is healthy, but it is not the case.

Ice forms when warm air from the outside condenses on the surface of the fridge. It indicates problems like faulty doors and air leakage. The best way to avoid this problem is to check the defrost cycle of the fridge unit or manually defrost the ice. Ice formation negatively affects your system and reduces its efficiency and increases energy consumption.

Difficulty in maintaining temperature levels

maintaining temperature levels

Temperature maintenance is a significant problem in commercial refrigerators. Due to multiple issues like air leakage, faulty condenser or evaporator, compressor or thermostat issues, your fridge might not work correctly. This way, the refrigerator won’t keep the contents inside it fresh as usual.

A faulty compressor generally reduces the efficiency and work rate of the fridge. It consumes a lot of energy to maintain a low temperature. It often leads to overheating, which damages the parts of your computer. You need to fix this issue as soon as possible before it turns into something significant.

Problems in the evaporator and condenser

Problems in the evaporator and condenser

The most common part which suffers damage is the evaporator of a refrigerator. The formation of ice on the coils of the evaporator causes problems. You need to melt the ice on the reels in time. The coils of the evaporator and the drain should be clean for your fridge to work efficiently. Cold room repairs Brisbane will help you repair your fridge and keep it in good condition.

The compressor is the central part that maintains the cooling level inside your fridge. The whole refrigerator develops problems when the compressor is not working correctly. Dust particles, ice, grease, and other contaminants collect on the compressor and prevent it from proper functioning. You should regularly clean the compressor for the perfect working of the fridge.

Issues in working after transportation 

Whenever you are transporting a refrigeration unit to a new place, try to keep it as straight and upright as possible. If you turn the unit upside down or to the sides, there is a chance that the lubricant escapes the compressor and enters other parts and components of the system.

It is better to not use the fridge immediately after moving it. There is a possibility that the compressor sustains damage if you use it soon after transportation. It will damage the whole system, and you will have to spend a lot of money on repairs. Therefore you should give adequate time to the lubricant to settle upon transportation.

Lighting problems inside the fridge

Sometimes the refrigerator experience power problems which can be detected by checking the lights inside your refrigerator unit. If the lights inside are dim, there may be a problem in the power supply of your fridge.

It can be due to faulty wires or because of the lights. The bulbs stop working sometimes. For this, you need to replace the LED bulbs inside the fridge. Make sure that the bulbs you use are of good quality and a good brand. Otherwise, they can add more problems to your refrigerator unit. They may be the reason for a short circuit.


As we can see, it is widespread for a commercial refrigerator to pick up faults if you don’t keep a regular check on its parts and components. We have mentioned above the most common issues in a commercial refrigerator. Make sure to call technicians to regularly service your commercial fridge to keep it in perfect condition. 

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