December Activities Around Balboa Island

December Activities Around Balboa Island

Visiting most beaches during December makes for a bland vacation due to the cold weather. However, these frigid conditions aren’t a problem for Balboa Island. The temperature is usually in the 70s or higher throughout the winter days. This warm climate is perfect for shopping at boutiques or going on a private boat ride.

Visit the island in December to see the stunning annual holiday boat parade. The event is kicked off with a fireworks display on the Newport Pier. View highly decorated and well-lit kayaks, canoes and yachts that illuminate the water as they sail across the sea.

At night, take a walk through the town to see the countless light displays in the Ring of Lights Home Decorating Contest. This tradition has homeowners and shop owners competing to make the most dazzling holiday display. The competition to outdo each other leads to the most intricate designs you’ll ever see.

Balboa Island in December

At just 0.2 square mile, Balboa Island leaves a big impression on visitors. Most of the streets are named after precious stones, which makes it easy to remember the locations of your favorite shops or restaurants.

Arrive by car, ferry or foot to explore what the island has to offer. After you settle in, enjoy a hot beverage at Sugar N Spice, Crockers or The Village Inn before checking out the lighted Bayfront homes or going on San Diego whale watching tours.

You’ll feel like you’re taking a trip to the past when you come across the many restaurants and boutiques that line Marine Avenue. These shops encompass the holiday spirit by displaying decorative storefronts over the holiday months. This decor reflects the cheerful attitudes of the store owners and residents.

What To Do During December in Balboa Island

Balboa Island has a lot to offer during the holiday season. In addition to seeing holiday lights, you can take a lunch break at Island Grill for burgers or tacos or go to Snipe Island Crafthouse to get a taste of Italy. If you have a sweet tooth, end your meal with a dessert from Dad’s Donut & Bakery Shop or Juice Crafters.

Plan to go on a boat ride to enjoy the winter sun and the coastal view. Celebrate a birthday, anniversary or bachelorette party on the sea. A private sailing experience will create unique, meaningful memories with your closest friends and family members.

If you’re interested in whale watching San Diego, December is one of the best times to go a sea. You’ll have the opportunity to see gray whales thrive in their natural habitat. The knowledgeable staff will point you in the right direction to spot different types of marine life, including whales, sea lions and dolphins, and answer any questions you have along the way.

When you can take a winter vacation, head out to Balboa Island for an experience unlike any other. The island itself has a lot to provide, but nothing tops a relaxing boat ride. After you have a chance to unwind and get your feet in the sand, find a reputable sailing company to help you explore the sea.

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