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Different Types of Mosquito Screens Designed by Mosquito Nets Manufacturers

Mosquito Wire Mesh or Mosquito Net is the type of insect screen which is used for doors and windows to prevent the bugs and insects from accessing your house. These screens are available in a variety of materials, of which fiberglass and aluminum are the most common type of material that is used for designing the Mosquito Wire Mesh. There is also specialist Mosquito Wire Mesh which includes heavy-duty pet resistant screens. These are the screens that block 90% of solar heat gain and bronze or stainless steel material is for coastal installations. Below you will come across different types of Mosquito Wire Mesh that are designed by Micro Wire Mesh Manufacturers in Delhi.

Standard Fiberglas Screens

The fiberglass Mosquito net is the economical, flexible and easy to install mosquito net and it does not dent, crease or unravels. It is the most commonly used Mosquito Net for door and window screening in new construction and also used for replacement window screens. The charcoal scheme of the net is always preferred as it offers the best outward visibility.

Aluminum Wire Mosquito Net

The aluminum Mosquito Net or screen is the durable and strong insect screens that are designed to resist rust and corrosion and it never sags indeed. It comes with the protective finishing which prevents corrosion build-up and also strengthens the weave. There is a black and charcoal aluminum Mosquito net that has finishing for reducing the glare for optimal outward visibility.

Porch, Patio and Pool Insect Screens

This is the heavy-duty fiberglass screen that is designed to be used in patio, pool, and porch and in sunroom enclosure. This Mosquito net comes with an increased diameter strand which is ideal for large openings where extra support and strengths are required on wide spans of the screen. Charcoal and black color scheme is highly appreciated as it offers the best outward visibility.

No-See-Um Insect Mosquito Screens

This is one of the finest mesh fiberglass screens for Mosquito which is designed to protect the house against the no-see-um gnats, sand flies and all other small and tiny insects that are commonly found in low marshy and coastal areas. Since it is heavy-duty Mosquito net, it is suitable for porch, patio, and pool enclosures and it can also be installed in other areas of your home.

Glass Privacy Mosquito Screens

This privacy Mosquito screen is a heavy-duty screen that is suitable for open areas as it comes with additional plastic laminate to protect the area against the environmental elements. It is usually used in the bottom portions and areas of pool and patio enclosures to prevent the grass clippings from coming out or in sections where privacy is required to be maintained. It is available in charcoal color but you can request customized designs by contacting the Mosquito Nets Manufacturers in India.

Copper Bronze Window Mosquito Screen

Copper Bronze Mosquito Screen for windows and doors are designed with 90% of copper and 10% of zinc and this combination enhances its durability and strength and it can be used as window screening. It offers extra strength and durability in the bright gold finish which would oxidize into a patina that protects the copper screening from all environmental factors and corrosion in the long run. It has customized designs and you can request for your own custom design by contacting the Mosquito Screen Manufactures.

Different Materials in Mosquito Nets

There are different materials that are being used for designing the Mosquito nets and mesh. The very first material is the fiberglass material which is the standard materials for designing the Mosquito screens.  They are made out of vinyl-coated fiberglass threads in charcoal and silver grey. It is the best option than aluminum Mosquito mesh screens as they never crease or sag and they are more opaque. Since it is very flexible, it is easy for installation and can be installed both on windows and doors for screening.

Stainless Steel is the second most crucial material that goes into designing the Mosquito wire screens. Bronze, copper, and aluminum are other common materials that are used today for designing the Mosquito wire mesh. Contact the Mosquito Mesh Dealers to learn more about the materials and designs that are used today for manufacturing the Mosquito wire mesh in India and choose the best-suited material required for your project.

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