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What is the Cost of Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon?

Root Canal System is located right in roots of every tooth and when it is infected Root Canal procedure is performed to remove the bacteria and save the tooth. This practice of dentistry is also referred to as Endodontics. When the center of the tooth called pulp, comprising the blood vessels, living connective tissues and nerves become inflamed or infected RCT Procedure is performed to save the infected and damaged tooth rather than extracting it. It is the most intimidating dental procedure out there and it is less invasive and less painful and still cost you pretty pennies. Below you will come across with a comprehensive guide on Root Canal and its charges in Gurgaon.

What Causes Root Canal Problems?

If proper dental hygiene is not maintained, the outer sector of the tooth called tooth enamel would start decaying and gradually it would form the cavity. Over time, the decay wears deeper in your tooth from enamel to the dentin and finally infecting the blood vessels and pulp. To treat the infection and prevent it from spreading Root Canal intervention is prescribed. Like all other infections, the sooner you treat the issue, the lesser complications and pain you will experience.

Symptoms of Root Canal

Below are some of the factors which can point you to infection of Root Canal where RCT Procedure is necessary.

  • Serve pressure on a tooth
  • Unbearable pain when chewing foods
  • Gum swelling or tenderness
  • Sensitivity to temperature like beverages, cold and hot foods and even weather
  • General toothache which is not alleviated with over the counter drugs and pain killers
  • Dark-colored teeth.

What is the Cost of Root Canal in Gurgaon?

There are in fact a variety of factors that impact the overall Cost of Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon. The Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon would cost you around Rs.3000/- to Rs. 8000/- depending upon crowns, fillings, x-ray, severity, tooth location, the experience of the dentist and others.

Below are some factors which influence the overall Cost of Root Canal Treatment.

  • Severity – The severity of infection and tooth decay impact the overall cost. The worst case of infection would cost you higher and the scenario may even lead to tooth extraction which would add up to the overall cost.
  • Tooth Location – Another factor affecting the cost of the Root Canal treatment is the location of the tooth. The back and front teeth usually have different numbers of roots. The RCT for front teeth would cost you less as it has only one root, while the back teeth or molars would cost you more because it has 3 roots.
  • Re-Occurrence – The dentist charge more for treating the previously treated teeth. The cost of re-treatment is 20-40% more as compared to the first time treatment of RCT. Since the procedure becomes more complicated, the doctors charge more for re-treatment.
  • Crown or Filling – The RCT is mainly completed with a crown which is the added protection. But if you are lucky with less damage, then you can walk away with just a single filling. The crowns are expensive than fillings and the cost of the crowns is determined according to the material used like metal, porcelain, porcelain fused to metal and others. The cost increases as per the material used, of which the most expensive is the PFM. Each of the material has its own pros and cons and it is suggested that you talk with your dentist prior to choosing the best-suited material. The cost of the filling is less than the crowns.
  • Experience of Dentist – If the RCT is done by the general dentist, then the Cost of the Root Canal Treatment would be less than the RCT done by certified and experienced Endodontist. The cost of the RCT treatment by certified Endodontist is 20-40% higher than the cost of the general dentist. Endodontists are specialized in RCT and they can offer you precise and accurate treatment for your RCT issues.

So, these were some of the factors that affect the overall cost of the RCT treatment. There are also additional fees associated with RCT treatment and this includes anesthesia, consultation fees, x-rays, and emergency fees. So, it is necessary that you search for the Dentist Near Me online and know the overall charges and their consultation fees prior to opting for the treatment. There are many certified Endodontists in Gurgaon offering you reliable and best treatments for Root Canal issues.

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