Different Wedding Saree Colors That Are Very Popular

Weddings in India are quite grand, luxurious and extravagant in India. There are a lot of activities that take place at an Indian wedding. All know that the main attraction of any wedding is the bride. Along with the bride, the wedding saree that she dons on her big day is also the main highlight. 

There are a lot of amazing colors which are available these days for brides. Every color has its own appeal and ensures a bride get the perfect look on her big day. Below we are going to have a look at a few of the popular wedding saree colors.

Multicolor Sarees

Multicolor sarees are becoming quite popular in the recent few years. Wearing the saree along with heavy jewelry and embroidered blouse will make a bride look amazing on her wedding day. A few of the multicolor sarees also have artistic work on them that enhance its overall visual appeal. Going for a multicolor saree is much better than choosing a saree that has only one color.

Red and White Color

A red wedding saree is one of the most chosen for saree color. This traditional color has become the choice for most for the brides. However, a combination of the red and white color is one that will make a bride look stunning on her wedding day. A red and white color saree will give the bride a complete look. Giving a different and new design to the saree also enables to have a great and appealing look.

Pastel Colors

Along with the traditional wedding colors, the other light shades of pastel colors like lemon, peach, pista green yellow baby pink, mint are also becoming a popular choice among brides for their wedding saree. These sarees, when worn along with gold jewelry, will give the bride a perfect look. Pastel colors are quite different from the usual colors that are used for wedding sarees. These colors have become quite popular in the recent few years.

Orange and Pink Colors

Orange and pink have become the popular choice of colors for a wedding saree. Having a saree in these colors allows a bride to dorn a different look on her big day and avoid the traditional colors. Both these colors give a modern look to a traditional saree. Both the orange and pink colors are quite vibrant and will look good on a bride on her wedding day.

Summing Up

The above-highlighted colors are among the popular choices of colors for a wedding saree. These colors are all amazing in their own way and will give the bride an elegant look on her wedding day. So, if you are looking to pick a wedding saree color then the above-mentioned color choices are perfect. These colors will give a bride to be the needed elegant look on her wedding day. While picking up a saree it is quite necessary to explore all the different color options which are available out there in order to choose the perfect saree.

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