Everything About Compression Socks

Compression stockings for running are tight stockings with a lot of compression that can give you a lot of advantage while running. Many runners choose to train with compression stockings. You may also be wearing compression stockings or are considering this. In this article you will learn more about the usefulness of compression stockings.

Injuries – Compression Socks Running

Support socks can be used for injury prevention and as a means to promote recovery after an injury. Compression stockings have a preventive effect by better keeping the calf muscles together when you land while running. This ensures less tensile forces on the Achilles tendon and tibia.

Compression can aid in injury recovery by improving blood flow in the calf muscles. For example, in case of a whiplash or a cramp, compression stockings act as an attraction, as it were. After a muscle tear, the wound edges are pressed together better and the recovery process is accelerated.

Performance & Recovery

During exercise, compression helps to remove waste products such as lactic acid in the calf muscles better. This ensures less stiff muscles after training and less fatigue. Wearing compression stockings after exercise can also help improve the recovery process.

For Who Are Compression Socks Recommended?

Compression stockings can therefore be used for less stiff muscles and fatigue after training. Furthermore, runners with thick calves, calf complaints, muscle cramps, shin complaints, Achilles tendon complaints, varicose veins or fluid accumulation in the calves benefit the most from compression stockings. For varicose veins and fluid retention, the stockings help to improve blood flow and remove moisture. In calf injuries, the improved blood circulation ensures faster recovery of the irritated area, so that a pain is less likely to result in an injury. In the case of thick calf muscles, the stockings help to keep the calves from shaking, which helps to prevent injuries.

Stox Compression Socks Running

STOX compression stockings are personally measured. The calf is measured at six different points. This ensures a perfect fit. The STOX compression stockings have a decreasing compression, which means that the stockings provide the greatest compression at the bottom of the calf and less at the top of the calf. This provides a greater effect. STOX compression stockings are known to be a challenge to put on.

When do you use a compression stocking?

A compression stocking is worn as a precaution, or possibly when recovering from an injury. The group of runners who wear the stockings as a precaution is growing steadily. By wrapping the lower leg in a tight stocking, the calf muscles will “chatter” less. It makes the tendons less mobile and will therefore reduce the load. It is also advocated to reduce the pulling force on the periosteum by wearing a compression stocking. This is one of the causes of the well-known (and very painful) shin splints. The second group of runners uses the stockings to recover from an injury. Because of the help in the pumping function of the heart, waste products will be removed more quickly. This mainly affects the amount of lactate in the blood.

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