Extnt Maze Puzzle Game

Extnt – A Sophisticated Maze Puzzle Game for Everyone

Playing games on Smartphones is a popular trend today. Most of the users who have a Smartphone play different types of games. The puzzle game is one of a kind that everybody loves and it’s really great playing puzzle games to boost the ability of the brain. However, there are different types of puzzle games available such as maze puzzle, block puzzle, Hexa puzzle, match 3 puzzle, and much more. Our today’s topic is about a sophisticated maze puzzle game that delivers very fun and challenging gameplay. The game is named Extnt, offered by Extnt Game, and I’m sure, you’ll love it!

So, let’s have a look at it …


Extnt - A Sophisticated Maze Puzzle Game for Everyone

If you’re looking for a great maze puzzle game with all the essential features possible, Extnt is one of a kind that you should try. It presents you the challenge to solve circular labyrinth style puzzles of varying complexity where the complexity increases as you level up. The overall design is exceptional to produce an accurate minimalist design approach with a central focus on maze gameplay. And, the result is a completely dynamic puzzle experience that you’ve never got before, perfect for the enthusiast and mental thrill seeker alike.

Ranking System – be the best, beat the best

Extnt includes an innovative ranking system to help expand your potential from beginner to pro level. Where you can showcase your achievements with Extnt’s dual ranking system for Globally and locally. The Global success you can achieve through accumulating the most total points and local success you can attain by best overall time for a given level.

Entertainment with sophisticated complexity

Extnt uses sophisticated procedure generation algorithms to make sure each new maze to be unique. The maze levels are created with relative complexity that’s updated by the time to allow for new and unlimited opportunities to push the potential. The uniqueness and care in the design of the mechanics always provide a real-logical experience to expand your potential. So, you can enjoy a favorite puzzle time with fun and excitement.

The Features at a Glance

  • Engaging, addictive, logical, and challenging 2D puzzle maze game
  • Completely unique minimalist game design to keep you focused
  • Uniquely generated maze every time you play
  • Get instant HINT for the puzzle when you need it
  • Differentiated ranking system for global and local
  • Take Control: 4 types of user control
  • Dynamic complexity that changes over time

Download Extnt for Android

Download Extnt for IOS


So, what are waiting for? Just download Extnt on your Smartphone and start playing to enjoy the most sophisticated puzzle experience ever. Let us know your thought through comments after playing. We’re all here together.

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