Pet Friendly Apartment

Top 5 Tips for Finding Pet-Friendly Apartments

Are you looking at some new pet friendly apartments?

Do you have a cute little friend at home that you want to keep with you? Pets make great companions, but they can run you afoul of your landlord if you live in an area that doesn’t allow pets.

Want to learn how to choose the right neighborhood? Here are a few tips for finding a place you and your pet can call home.

Pet-Friendly Apartment

1. Utilize Pet-Friendly Real Estate Listings

Landlords or property managers who advertise their available units as pet-friendly will often list them in real estate listings. This will make it easier to weed out places that do not allow animals and hone in on those that will work with dog or cat owners.

Real estate listings in Brick + Timber will give you essential information such as deposit amounts, pet size and type restrictions, and monthly pet fees. These listings will make your search for pet-friendly apartments much more accessible.

2. Speak to Property Managers Personally

Call the property managers and ask for details beyond what is listed on their website. Be sure to inquire about any pet deposit or rental fees and the size and breed restrictions. Ask about any noise policies and restrictions on the types of pets they will accept.

Offer to provide your pet’s records to prove they are vaccinated and spayed/neutered. Ask for references from neighbors who have had pets in the building. Know the property managers and ensure they understand you and your pet.

3. Stay on the Lookout for Pet-Friendly Amenities

Many apartment complexes offer pet-friendly amenities like pet spas, dog runs, pet bathing stations, and even pet waste disposal systems. Be sure to research those available in your area unless you can move into the apartment immediately. Look for pet-friendly rules that you and your pet can abide by.

Some buildings may have weight and breed restrictions or even quiet restrictions during certain hours. Be aware of all of the rules and requirements before you move in. By being aware of these amenities, you will have fewer things to worry about once you have moved into your new pet-friendly apartment.

4. Vet Potential Properties Yourself

Visiting properties in person is essential to ensure they are a good fit for you and your pet. Before signing a lease, you should ensure that the pet policy is clearly outlined.

You should also inspect the property for any pet-proofing that might be necessary, such as fencing or an enclosed patio. Ask the landlord or rental manager if any units they offer are already set up for pet-friendly living.

5. Prepare a Positive Pet Renter Profile

Preparing a favorable pet renter profile is essential to finding pet-friendly apartments. Pet owners should do their homework beforehand to increase their chances of pet approval.

Landlords want to know that your pet is healthy, vaccinated, and housebroken. Create a pet resume. Include your pet’s medical information, good training, and a photo. It would help to include a reference from a previous landlord.

Look for Pet Friendly Apartments Today

Finding pet friendly apartments can be a daunting task, but by following the top five tips discussed, anyone can find an accommodating pet-friendly apartment.

Try these tips today to make your pet-friendly search a successful one!

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