Freaky Things to say to Your Boyfriend

Freaky Things to say to Your Boyfriend

There are many things that you can say to your boyfriend and these things can make him crazy and he will do anything for you. Today we are sharing these things that you can say to your boyfriend. So here we are going to share Freaky things to say to your boyfriend.

Sex plays an important role in relationship. To make your boyfriend ready for sex you need to talk naughty and these naughty talks will fuel an amazing boost in your sex and relationship.

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These talks are not just for fun even these naughty talks make relationship stronger and can help to increase the sexual activities in your relationship.

So let’s start the Freaky things to say to your boyfriend:
  • My sweetheart, I like your inner man.
  • I wish you hold me so tight in your arms all day baby.
  • I am feeling like sucking you right now.
  • I always get shivers when you touch my breast
  • I want you inside me.
  • Do harder baby.
  • Looking into Your sexy eyes alone can make me cum.
  • I can’t control myself when we’re together.
  • I love feeling you on top of by body.
  • I want to be in charge tonight.
  • I love it when you play with my nipples. For it makes me horny.
  • You look sexy without singlets.
  • I wish you can ride on me, baby.

I think you are enjoying these Freaky things to say to your boyfriend. Let continue.

  • Come & bath me, baby.
  • Which part of my body do you want right now?
  • I love the way you ride me baby.
  • I will like to undress you now.
  • Can you picture me naked with you now?
  • How long can you ride on me baby?
  • What will you do if I am naked in front of you?
  • I like the size of your inner man dear
  • Your outfit makes my inner self get wet.
Sexiest things to do for your boyfriend on bed

Here are some of the Sexiest things to do for your boyfriend on bed to make your sex life more romantic.

Wear sexy dress

Wear sexy and hot dress to attract your boyfriend so that he want to touch your body. Give him physical attention.

Shave him

Call your boyfriend inside and shave his private parts, armpit or you can even cut his jaw while playing with his body.

Play with his nipples

This is one of the sexiest things to do for your boyfriend to make him happy. Play with his nipples with your tongue and this will make him ready for sex immediately.

Try new style

While having sex not use same style again and again. This makes sex boring. Always try new style to have more fun on your bed.

Satisfy him

If your man takes long time to get satisfied and play long games at night then never leave the game. Always try to satisfy him on bed and manage your speed accordingly and try to eject together. It will make both of you happy.

Naughty things to say to your boyfriend on the bed

While having sex with your loving man always say sexy words that encourage your boyfriend. With these naughty words both of you will enjoy your sex journey.

Here are some of the best things to say to your boyfriend on the bed

  • I want your cock inside of me baby
  • Fuck me-fuck me dear
  • Ahhhhhh! It feels so good baby
  • Fuck me harder baby fuck me
  • Oh-fuck! I love you
Sexiest things to say to your partner after having sex

After having sex with your boyfriend it’s time to appreciate his work. Say him sexy words and it will make him sure that you enjoyed the sex with him.

Here some of the Sexiest things to say to your partner after having sex.

  • I cannot believe I met you
  • You taste so good, dear
  • I want to have you by my side at all time
  • This is great inning
  • You are the best on bed
Naughty messages to send to your partner

There are times when you want to say some sexy things to your partner but due to some reasons you can’t. So you can send him these in form of messages. Here are some of the naughty messages that you can send to your partner and these will make your relationship more romantic.

  • I want to get your dick inside of me.
  • I am so fucking horny right now; wish you can suck me now.
  • I miss the way you make me moan on the bed, dear
  • I want you here to help me wear my pant.
  • I am feeling your tongue inside my honey pot.
Sexiest things to say to your partner in public or party
  • Why is my pant so wet whenever we are in public?
  • Do not look at me that way for it makes me feel horny.
  • I wish we were alone so that I could do some wonders under your legs.
  • I feel like lying on top of you, for you to understand how much I need you by my side.
  • I thought coming here was a good idea, but seeing the situation of my horny pot now, I guess it wasn’t.
How to make your partner/boyfriend moan for you
  • Come down to his nipples and play with your mouth.
  • Suck him so well that he begins to beg you to fuck him.
  • Make him cum with satisfaction.
  • Touch his tools romantically and suck him gradually, not with force but with emotions.

These were the freaky things to say to your partner and these things definitely turn him on for having sex. But before saying these freaky things to your partner you must know your partner likes and dislikes so that you behave accordingly.

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