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Fred Brisker – Why Not Getting Travel Insurance Makes No Sense

Although we may not be able to travel a great deal at the moment, the thinking is that it won’t be too long before we can once again. I was watching in disbelief last week however when I saw insurance specialist Fred Brisker sharing some stats online about the number of people who don’t get travel insurance when they go away. If you are in this category then this is very much a piece for you, on the perils which you could face if you fail secure your travel insurance before you go. Let’s take a look then at exactly why you need to get yourself travel insurance before you head off.

Medical Care Abroad

 If you need medical care abroad such as a doctor’s appointment for a problematic tummy, then this isn’t going to set you back very much money and you will be seen to and sorted. If however something more serious happens to you then you are going to require more medical attention at the hospital, this could involve nights in the hospital, use of machinery, consultations, medications, and all of this could very easily run into the tens of thousands before you even know it. For the sake of a small fee for what insurance costs, the risk just isn’t worth running.

Flight Issues

It is not just the health issues which you could have a problem with when you are abroad, but also the potential issues surrounding your flight. If you have a long delay, a flight cancellation or a lost bag then you cannot always guarantee that the flight company are going to recompense you. In a situation like this it is far better that you have a team on your side who can help, and who can ensure that you will get what you are owed. If you don’t have travel insurance then not only do you run the risk of not getting your money back, but even if you do it will be a tiresome and lengthy process.


If the worst should happen and you were to die whilst you were abroad, the costs of getting your body back on home soil is in the millions of dollars. Now of course you may think that you could just stay where you are and be buried or cremated there, but this is also going to cost thousands of dollars to get the right papers sent over and for this to be official. Travel insurance will ensure that if you were to pass away whilst you are in another country, that the costs associated with repatriating your body are covered. For the peace of mind which travel insurance can offer, not to mention the heightened chance that something will happen to you whilst you are on your vacations, the risk is never worth running. Travel insurance is low cost cover which should form an essential part of your vacation planning.

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