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Go Green!! Eco – Friendly Moving Tips

Moving is not always an eco-friendly process. Sure, moving boxes are also reusable and recycled, but to be more straight forward we movers don’t think of the ecosystem always and spread the trash, we end up wasting a lot of materials and driving a long way, and causing pollution. According to the NYC moving companies, the average moving of 11:4 and many people moving more than that each one of us has a lot of impact on the environment throughout our move.

Fortunately, it is simple to reduce carbon footprint to embrace green moving, especially when you plan to go ahead with an eco-friendly move, so by incorporating the below tips into your next moving plans.


But obviously, we all need boxes when we plan for a move, but you can start reducing the number of boxes and start replacing it with the containers already available with you to pack your items. Some of them are

  • Gym bags and duffle bags
  • Grocery bags that are recycled
  • Drawers
  • Plastic bins
  • Suitcases and trunks
  • Storage boxes in kitchen and appliances

These were the few commonly found available storage and containers at our homes, if you have any of them and few others which can be filled before the packing please do so.


Yes you heard it right this may be the right time to use the stored boxes throughout the year, yes the ones which you kept after the online ordered parcel received, though online shopping is not the most environmentally conscious way to stock up on what you need then it is also a part of the modern life as we don’t have to roam and select things but yes we can order on a click, and the boxes received were kept to recycle then please go ahead and use them first rather than getting the new ones.


Not at all like cardboard boxes, but also there are other wrapping materials used to wrap your items and travel with them safely While you can reuse those materials at uncommon assortment focuses, many people neglect to do as such, and rather wind up throwing a great deal of their packing materials in the refuse.

Before you begin keeping materials that are hard to appropriately discard, start with what you as of now have. You can utilize towels, materials, sofas, and even garments to securely wrap up things for packing. In the situation where you need extra materials, start with paper, which you can toss in your standard reusing plastic bins. Furthermore, but in the end, if you end up using plastic materials utilize a site like Recycle Finder to sort out precisely where you can drop them off once you’re finished with them.


If you are done packing all the containers and boxes that you have already stored, go and get the stored boxes from others like your neighbors, family, and friends because like you everyone else does love online shopping so at least there will be one or two boxes each house and every person therein maybe ordering online, so instead of purchasing new carton boxes using the boxes available with them looks a great option to be an eco-friendly mover.


Things that you don’t feel useful to you must be someone else need at the moment, so before throwing away and trashing things start donating them. A move always allows you to start getting rid of things which you don’t want and keeping them in three lists which are ” donate”, “recycle” and “trash” so start checking on your things one or two weeks before to get an idea of which item to be moved to which category.

Things that are in good condition can be donated to charities and trust so that it gives a smile to their faces after they get them also yes you can get those free blessings for yourself and feel blessed.


The kitchen is always a hard packing room, you get confused on what to pack and what not to, it is obvious that we think of packing our kitchen first and many movers do that too. But imagine if all the dishes and bowls are packed and cooking materials also are packed you have to end up using plastic plates and paper plates and plastic spoons and glasses which will be a cause of harm full environment, so keep enough items out for use in the entire process so that you don’t have to use sustainable items.


Last but not least go for a partner mover who is supporting the green environment and help you move green without harming the environment but avoid and use fewer items that will do so. Hiring a moving company that does support a green and eco-friendly environment will use trucks and transportation which runs on biodiesel fuel instead of traditional gas; they will also help to arrange for reusable boxes so you don’t have to go for card boxes. Get more relocation ideas through tips to move across the interstate locations. Also do not forget to only go with movers who are proven dedicated to keep mama earth clean.

So with the go green tips above we can start contributing to the well-being of mama earth and work on how not to harm the environment especially when there is a pandemic situation going all over the world and where our safety is in our hand, heal nature and you will be healed automatically. May you plan a green move!!

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