Tips on Doing Safe Do-It-Yourself Packing

Tips on Doing Safe Do-It-Yourself Packing

Packing is one of the most crucial aspect of moving. It takes a lot of planning and well execution to pack the things safely. Packing material plays an important role in the safety of your stuff. Though the full service moving companies provide you all the services including packing but still you can be a little more concerned about some of your costly and important things and would like to pack them yourself.

However, using some tips from the best movers in NYC can always make packing your important and delicate stuff effective. So, check them out:

Prepare the Boxes First

Don’t forget to prepare the boxes that you are using to pack your stuff. Secure them with a good quality tape from all sides. Start by securing the seam at the bottom and run the tape perpendicular to the seam and use some paper or newspaper to pad the bottom of the box to keep the things from breaking. If the things are breakable or delicate then it is suggested to pack each item in a separate sheet of paper before putting them in the box and don’t forget to fill the gaps with extra paper as fillers for safety of goods.

Fill Your Boxes Rightly

Each box should be properly filled but not overfilled at the same time because in both the cases the goods in the box can get damaged. If in case you over fill the box then the chances of its breaking up will be higher, ultimately causing damage to the goods.

Right Packing Material

Get specialized material for packing along with cardboards and tapes. Use bubble wrap for delicate and fragile materials. Consider buying special frame boxes, mattress bags, wardrobe boxes and furniture bags/boxes to keep them safe while moving. You can also use some of your quilts and linens to secure some of your furniture though.


It is very important to label your boxes as it will help the labour to recognize the delicate and breakable stuff and will help you too while unpacking the stuff. You can add your name and contact information too to the labels along with their importance and room preference.

Clean the Goods before Packing

Dusting and cleaning your goods before packing is a must. Keeping them nice and dry before putting into packing will keep them safe. This will not only keep them safe but will also help you get them clean at the time of unpacking.

Start Packing Before Time

Don’t pack in a rush. Start well before time so that you have enough time in hand to collect the right packing material and plan your packing. Pack the regular use goods in the last and less used items first.

Packing Plate Safely

Apart from all other crockery items, plates are generally found broken at the time of unpacking. To keep plates from breaking, cover each plate with a sheet of paper and bubble wrap and place in the carton on its sides or edges. Don’t forget to add a lot of fillers to keep them safe too. Hope you know now what goes in safe and smart packing. Use these tips and keep your belongings safe as you make the move.

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