GPS Tracking System

GPS Tracking System Business Is Crucial To Your Business Why!

Why we need a GPS tracking system. From communications and delivery to productiveness and back-office processes, the generation has pervaded each factor if the enterprise world.

But small- to medium-sized companies (SMBs) with vehicle fleets have a further device at their fingertips to advantage further benefits from the technological revolution.

Increased get entry to the global positioning system (GPS) has given SMBs a way to at once screen and manipulate their most important property – their vehicle fleets and people.

GPS tracking isn’t a “new” era. It has been utilized by innovative fleet proprietors for years. Early adopters of the GPS era have given their organizations a side over the competition.

Because of its straight away recognizable advantages, GPS monitoring has quick long gone mainstream. The era is being hired by using a huge kind of SMBs such as plumbing, heating/HVAC, trucking, landscaping services, electric and widespread contractors, creative agencies and many different enterprise sectors that utilize fleet vehicles.

“How Can GPS Vehicle Tracking Improve Your Business?” will discuss the commonplace troubles confronting fleet proprietors and recognition on how SMBs can efficiently use GPS tracking to remedy those issues.

This white paper will describe the technical factors of GPS tracking, offer real-world examples of how GPS automobile tracking may be used in nowadays’s business environment and assist SMBs to pick a GPS tracking solution to shape their unique business needs.

The Technical Aspects of GPS Tracking

Modern tracking devices for fleet and character motors were initially conceived for the transport enterprise. Companies with big delivery fleets had to understand the location of any car at any time. From this want the concept of the usage of GPS satellites to tune and display fleet vehicles advanced.

Generally, a GPS module is hooked up in every car to track the car’s particular place through satellite tv for pc. The modules also can reveal a wide variety of automobile information along with velocity, engine begin-up and shut down routes and idling.

The facts from each automobile are then regularly transmitted to a far-flung consumer. Depending on the GPS fleet tracking device used, faraway customers can view maps of automobile places and routes or access available reviews on vehicle popularity via the Internet or specialized software program.

Business owners, fleet managers, and dispatchers generally use GPS for the vehicle tracking system to enhance fleet routing and expedite dispatching.

In addition, GPS can be used to monitor unwanted motive force behavior, reduce gas intake, prevent theft and provide diverse operational efficiencies. Most businesses discover a close to on the spot go back towards the cost of this sort of monitoring software program.

GPS fleet tracking first gained extensive-unfold recognition inside the European marketplace and has emerged as an essential enterprise device inside the United States.

Once fleet owners set up GPS tracking in their vehicles, they speedy find out how essential the generation is in streamlining and improving their whole operation in methods by no means imagined.

You Simply Have No Control

Traditionally, fleet proprietors had no concept of what went on outside their office walls when their personnel drove off the lot. SMBs had no concrete or accurate manner to degree task overall performance and accountability.

There changed into no manner to verify a driving force’s region at any given time. Nor should owners make sure that employees’ simplest used automobiles for legal make use of.

Without the direct guidance of a supervisor, many personnel is not as productive as they must be. The Global Productivity Report confirmed that 34 percent of personnel’ time around the world is spent being unproductive at the same time as at paintings.

A current Gallup Poll discovered that employees spend approximately 75 minutes of every day being nonproductive. These numbers could without problems be adjusted upwards for cell employees.

Extended breaks, unauthorized aspect journeys for the duration of commercial enterprise hours and inappropriate routing to activity sites make contributions to nonproductive time at the activity.

This misplaced time also can upload as much as multiplied payroll. When personnel does something apart from their job in the course of enterprise hours, they may work additional time a good way to get all the paintings executed.

In addition, the Wall Street Journal lately stated that SMBs with far off or unsupervised personnel face an extra venture. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, fifty-nine percent of employees out of doors the workplace lie about the variety of hours labored.

Additional Burdens of Running a Fleet

Lack of control over cell assets bears extra financial burdens. Speeding makes use of more fuel than retaining lower speeds. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that each five mph pushed above the published velocity restrict has the internet impact of costing approximately 20 cents extra according to a gallon of gasoline.

Excessive idling additionally adds appreciably to the value of doing a commercial enterprise. According to the EPA, each hour of idle time burns 0.82 gallons of gas.

Contrary to popular belief, restarting an engine uses no greater fuel than 30 seconds of idling and has a very little harmful effect on automobile additives. When drivers use their vehicles as climate manipulate, it costs groups money.

Running a Fleet

Inefficient dispatching can also cause sizeable value leakage. Without knowing the actual location of each automobile, dispatchers might not have the information to ship the nearest automobile to a task site or provide direct routing statistics.

 Placing excessive smartphone calls to drivers to benefit vicinity and job repute additionally adds to the amount of wasted time and cost.

Perhaps the largest chance to a fleet owner is vehicle theft. Over 30 percent of stolen motors are by no means recovered. It regularly takes weeks or months to get better-lost automobiles and most are lower back with full-size damage.

In addition, any gadget and equipment onboard the automobile is generally lost. Quick retrieval of a car significantly will increase the risk of decreasing harm resulting from thieves.

Fleet proprietors also need to worry approximately personnel the use of organization cars for unauthorized purposes. Many SMBs with fleets permit personnel to pressure motors home as a perk, but both restrict or tightly restrict private use.

However, maximum proprietors have no idea whether or not or now not their automobiles are absolutely being used for unauthorized purposes – even for the duration of paintings hours.

GPS Puts You inside the Passenger Seat

If you have been capable of sit within the passenger seat of each considered one of your fleet motors, might your mobile employees alternate their unproductive and wasteful work behavior? Research shows that they might.

A recent examine by means of the Aberdeen Group (a studies firm that research the results of generation on business) observed that organizations experienced a 23 percentage growth in the total quantity of service name finished in line with day according to technician once GPS vehicle monitoring became mounted of their fleets.

Other findings from the observe include:

  • 12.2 percent increase in service profitability
  • 14.8 percent reduction in average tour time consistent with the task
  • 9.9 percent decrease in time beyond regulation pay
  • 27.9 percent growth in operator compliance
  • 14.2 percent reduction in fuel costs

Essentially, GPS vehicle monitoring offers fleet owners the ability to experience with their cell personnel without ever leaving the workplace. When employees know that their riding conduct is monitored, they comply more easily with value-effective using rules and increase productivity.

Dispatching and Routing Efficiencies

GPS fleet monitoring also provides a tangible gain via progressed dispatching. When dispatchers understand the exact area of organization cars, they are able to greater effectively dispatch the automobile closest to any process website.

GPS monitoring

In addition to saving fuel and reducing telephone calls to drivers within the area, this could also growth client delight through vastly advanced reaction times.

This goes hand in hand with routing efficiencies. By looking automobiles, of course, dispatchers can make sure drivers take the maximum direct route to any process website.

In addition, ought to a motive force wander off, you could easily get them back on an appropriate course. Some GPS tracking answers even consist of present-day traffic statistics, so drivers can be routed around site visitors congestions, in addition to enhancing response instances.

In addition, many tracking answers provide gift-time and archival routing information so proprietors recognize where their drivers have traveled and wherein they’re heading. By combining region- and time-based information, fleet owners can song the precise wide variety of hours to fee customers and affirm worker hours worked.

GPS monitoring can provide facts on while an employee starts off involved a vehicle, while he arrives or leaves a process web page, and when the automobile is shut off. Fleet proprietors will recognize precisely how a great deal and the way lengthy the worker worked at each web site and how long they worked in the course of the entire day.

Some GPS systems can also comprise time/billing facts into back workplace programs to automate payroll. By removing manual timesheets, fleet proprietors shop big time in lower back-office productivity. In addition, automatic payroll frequently translates into more accurate billing and fewer additional time hours.

Another large gain of GPS monitoring is the potential to understand any unauthorized utilization. This consists of unauthorized usage by employees, in addition to protection from robbery.

If an automobile is used throughout unauthorized times, business proprietors will understand it. Should a vehicle be stolen, the GPS monitoring unit will display the automobile’s genuine region.

This drastically improves retrieval instances and decreases the quantity of harm an automobile may additionally experience even as stolen. For organizations with vehicle fleets, the capability to track and ensure retrieval of stolen belongings stays paramount.

Other Effective Uses of GPS

GPS car tracking can provide SMBs with a tremendous amount of information that may be used to achieve in addition to blessings.

Installing a GPS with a vehicle tracking system is the correct time to recollect imposing or revising agency motive force policy. The policy need to encompass pointers of vehicle velocity, idling and unauthorized use of company motors. GPS tracking can then assist SMBs to enforce rules to eliminate wasteful riding habits.

GPS Tracking

A professional GPS tracking solution should consist of easy-to-use reporting functions to help fleet owners make business choices based on the records.

Fleet owners may also obtain statistics approximately vehicle speeds, idle times, engine start-up and shut-down, and notifications when motors input or exit precise websites. With facts in hand, proprietors can perceive which drivers well comply with riding tactics and which want extra counseling.

Many SMBs locate it extraordinarily useful to use the data accumulated from GPS as a way to put in force a fine bonus software.

Drivers that do not violate riding methods, as proved via the GPS device, are entitled to bonuses. Since riding conduct at once impacts fleet fees, companies can offer bonuses at the same time as nonetheless increasing revenue.


GPS tracking has initiated an entire paradigm shift inside the manner SMBs with vehicle fleets manage their commercial enterprise. GPS fleet monitoring generation is not the wave of the future.

It is already here and getting used efficiently in a number of SMBs trying to boom revenues even as decreasing expenses. The advantages and makes use of GPS monitoring clear out at some stage in a whole business enterprise, from mobile personnel and dispatching to customer support and accounting.

Research keeps exposing that SMBs that do not utilize GPS tracking are losing income because of inefficiencies, misplaced productiveness, terrible fee controls, and outright theft. In nowadays financial climate and competitive landscape, it’s miles more critical than ever for owners to do the whole thing feasible to hold in advance of the competition.

By now not putting in a good vehicle tracking system gadget, owners can be placing their automobiles, employees, and groups at the unneeded chance.

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