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Guide to Getting Your Real Estate License Online

The real estate industry is a lucrative career, especially in states where there is high demand for living and office spaces. Getting your realty license allows you to build a rewarding career in this lucrative industry. 

Nowadays, technology has made it easier to learn or study online. You can earn your real estate license without stepping into a physical classroom. Online classes are more convenient, allowing students to study from anywhere. 

In this guide, we walk you through the essential steps to help you study real estate online. The article will also highlight some of the top benefits of online realty schools.

Research State Requirements

You must meet the state’s eligibility requirements before you start looking for accredited realty schools in your state. The requirements will vary depending on the state, so visit the relevant website for more information. 

In most states, you must be at least 18 years and have a high school diploma or equivalent. Applicants must also have a clean record. Remember, the state will run a background check, so don’t lie in your application. 

If you meet all the eligibility requirements, the next step is looking for a real estate school offering online classes.

Select an Accredited Online Real Estate School 

Selecting the right online realty school is a critical decision in your licensing journey. You can find a list of approved schools on the state’s Real Estate Commission website. There, you will find all the information about the school including admission prerequisites.

It is also wise to read reviews about the school before registering. The reviews will help you get more insight into the school. Focus on the learning options provided, school fees, study materials, and the program’s quality.

Choose a school like RealEstateU, which offers interactive resources such as video lectures, quizzes, and practice exams. These tools reinforce your understanding of the material and simulate exam conditions, preparing you for success.

Enroll in Pre-Licensing Courses

In most states, applicants are required to complete a certain number of pre-licensing education hours. The topics covered during this time will cover everything you must know about the real estate industry. Remember, you will be tested on this information in the pre-licensing exam. 

Online real estate schools offer flexible schedules, allowing you to complete these courses at your own pace. You can also test your understanding by attempting the quizzes and practice tests to prepare for the main exam.

Plan Well

Even though online realty schools are flexible, ensure you have covered the course material on time. Managing your time well is crucial when pursuing an online real estate license.

Create a study timetable and set goals to help you cover the course content. Also, attend webinars and seminars organized by the school. These sessions will help you learn more about the real estate industry and what to expect once you earn your license. 

Use online tools and resources provided by the real estate school to track your progress.

Exam and License Application 

After you have finished the pre-licensing course, it is time to take the licensing exam. In most states, you can schedule your exam and take it when you’re ready. The exam is timed, and to pass, you must hit the pass mark.

Take advantage of practice exams and review sessions offered by your online real estate school. The practice exams will help you work on your timing and improve your confidence before taking the main test. Familiarize yourself with the exam format and consider additional study materials to reinforce your knowledge.

After passing your exam, you must submit your license application to the state’s real estate commission. Follow the application instructions carefully and ensure that all of your documents are in order. While you’re at it, you will have to find a real estate broker to sponsor you. The broker’s role is to guide you into your new career.

Summing Up

Getting your real estate license online offers a flexible and convenient pathway to a rewarding career. Take your time and find a reputable online realty school that will be worth your money. Also, look out for any post-licensing requirements in your state and fulfill them within the specified time. Continuous education will help you stay up-to-date with what’s relevant in the real estate industry.

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