Effective Communication and Productivity

Here Is How You Can Use Effective Communication and Productivity to Make Your Business More Money

As a business owner or manager, the ability to make your business more money on a daily basis is what you strive for. It is in large print on your job description. However, one trap which many businesspeople fall into is the belief that this is only possible by investing massive amounts of capital – whether financial, industrial or human. 

While these are necessary components of business development, it is a mistake to believe that this is the only way you can make your business a lot more money. 

In fact, by implementing simple systems and tweaking your daily routine, you can quickly unlock vast pools of productivity and wealth that previously seemed unattainable without breaking the bank.

This is not marketing hype, just logic. So, without further ado, here are three ways you can use effective communication and productivity to make your business money:

Work on your workplace communication abilities

Improving your communication abilities in the workplace is one of the most powerful ways to increase efficiency, free up time, improve staff morale and increase the ability of your business to reach its targets. 

For example, just think of the detrimental effect a mixed message can have on your business success. If you are not blunt and clear with your colleagues, whether it is to instruct them on a target or to solve a problem, then your business quickly loses direction. 

Of course, communication takes countless different forms, but just by being more upfront and truthful with your staff members, rather than trying to save face or erroneously believing you do not have enough time to explain something properly, greater productivity and higher morale are the inevitable results. 

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Lead your business from the front, but donot be beholden to it

While it is easy to believe that, as a reputed business owner, you must be visible to your staff members on a regular basis and position your office so that you are close to the workforce, this can be counterproductive.

You are the business owner. You do not have to justify to your workforce how hard you work or how in touch you are with day-to-day problems. This is a symptom trying to fix the core problem and rarely helps. Instead, your work itself should do the talking. 

To this end, work in the environment that suits you best and the one that is in the company’s best interests. If this is at home or in a separate secluded office free of distractions and meetings, then so be it. Your job is to grow the business and make it money. With fewer needless distractions and exposure to fewer people, you increase your chance of your business succeeding. Of course, this method does not work for everybody, but the principle stands.

Order your calls and meetings into single days

Continuing this theme of heightened efficiency, another way to increase your chances of business success is to reduce or eliminate daily interruptions as much as possible. In this case, phone calls and meetings. Although they are an inevitable part of running a company, they should not take up the time you could better spend working through problems and generating money. 

To this end, consider implementing a system whereby you group your prearranged calls into a single day, allowing you to give them your full attention and to reduce the impact on your overall productivity. 

When it comes to unsolicited calls, ensure your secretary or assistant is properly vetting calls, filtering through only the most time-sensitive conversations. This principle can be directed towards meetings, too.

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