Hiring Scaffold Towers

Hiring Scaffold Towers Makes for Safer Working at Heights

When you require to work at a height you need to have a secure place to stand and work at the same time. Traditionally this work has been carried out on ladders for heights up to 15 or 20 feet, and scaffolds erected to give the same convenience at heights above that. 

While a ladder requires you do a balancing act and more than often requires you to work with one hand, as the other is firmly grasping the ladder, a scaffold allows you to have a working platform that allows both hands to be free, and this is more suitable for the work that needs to be carried out. Work platforms create a much safer working environment when compared to having to balance yourself on a ladder. 

Scaffold towers are an extension to scaffolding and make for independent access towers that are very useful alternatives to working on a ladder when work needs to be done at a height. They are rigid and stable because of their robust construction with stiff metal members that are adequately braced. The working platforms on them can be large and permit more than one person to work on them quite comfortably. They are self-supporting and this allows them to be independent and will not require them to be braced or having to lean on buildings. A scaffold will require this additional support.

Tower scaffold hire Batemans Bay and in most other cities is hired for a week or several days and the rental will be charged from the time the scaffold is erected and till it is dismantled and taken away after use. You can hire a scaffold tower of different heights and hire rates for them will vary as per height. The maximum height of towers available on hire is about 12.5 meters or 40 feet, beyond which these towers will not be stable and will require additional support.

Most scaffold towers will have access ladders built in so that workers can easily go to the platform from where they need to work. Larger scaffold towers will also allow you to work at different heights and you will require to instruct the rental company to provide you a tower with additional platforms. Scaffold towers eliminate any danger of slipping, a risk that s always present when working on ladders. It is still recommended that proper safety precautions are taken while working on towers, like safety belts and others. 

Scaffold towers can be constructed of steel or aluminum, with aluminum towers being lighter and therefore easier to erect. Some recent technological advances have led to the use of fiberglass in the erection of scaffold towers. They are safer to use in places where electrical current-carrying devices are close at hand. The individual members of the tower structure are generally made with connectors and fixtures that make the erection and dismantling simpler. 

Most scaffold towers will have wheels that allow the scaffolding to be move along the length of a building so that the movement allows the entire surface that needs to be worked on.

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