Deep-Dish Pizza

History and Fascination with Deep-Dish Pizza

Ever find yourself wondering why so many people are in love with Chicago style pizza? While it bears the name of “pizza,” it’s certainly unlike it’s Neapolitan predecessor. In this article, we’ll provide a brief history of this fascinating meal and highlight why it’s so popular with foodies and pizza lovers from around the world. 

Brief History of Pizza

Believe it or not, in its current form, pizza can be traced back to 16th century Naples, Italy. At the time, the region was home to many working class people living and working around the Bay of Naples. These people were looking for an inexpensive meal that was also quick to eat, so that they could return to their daily labors. 

Bakers covered flattened dough with tomatoes, cheeses, garlic, or anchovies before baking in an oven and serving the food on the side of the street. The meal was easy to prepare and serve, and was an ideal choice for the common working-class Neapolitan residents who didn’t have much money. 

Over time, the food spread around Italy and was enjoyed by all people. It was no longer associated with just the common folk. 

Coming to America

Like many European immigrants, Neapolitans came to America seeking new opportunities in the late 1800s and early 1900s. And like all immigrants, they brought their Italian culture with them to this new land. Originally landing in New York, many of these Italian immigrants would set up shop and began selling pizza along with other Italian meals to hungry Americans who have fallen in love with this celebrated fare.

Chicago Style

In 1943, entrepreneurs Ike Sewell and Ric Riccardo decided to sell an Italian-American version of this beloved food item. They opened their restaurant, Pizzeria Uno, in Chicago’s Near North Side neighborhood and began to serve a style of pizza that was prepared in a deeper pan that created a crunchy crust and housed inverted layers of cheese, meat, and other fixings. This 

was a much more filling meal, compared to the original Neapolitan style. Chicago style usually includes heaping amounts of vegetables, meats especially sausage, varying cheeses, and crushed tomatoes that are baked together for a mouth-watering and belly-filling meal. 

Where Can You Find Deep-Dish Pizza?

These days you can find deep-dish pizza anywhere and everywhere. Pizzeria Uno, now rebranded as Uno Chicago Grill, has establishments around the country including many international locations. But they’re not the only chain restaurant in the game selling deep-dish style pizza. While you can surely find a local restaurant near you serving this fan-favorite dish, that hasn’t stopped people traveling from far and wide to order from the original location in downtown Chicago. Pizza lovers wake up extra early to stand in line and order from this foodie landmark. 

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