Winterize the Pool Pump

How Can One Winterize the Pool Pump?

Are you searching for tips that can help you to keep your pool pump safe and in good condition? Then don’t worry we have brought you the solution for this. 

Yes, the best solution for this is winterizing the pool pump. This helps in preventing the pipes from breaking which further can lead to bursting. This can also cost one extra expense for repair. 

Always remember one thing that you should always winterize your pumping pool before the temperature goes below the zero degrees. Here are some steps that are given which can help you to know how you can winterize your pool pump easily.

  • First, collect all the closing essentials

The first thing you need to do is collect all the closing essentials that you need to winterize the pool pump. The process will include things like winterizing chemical kit along with the winterizing chemicals, the expansion plugs, the cover clips, pool antifreeze, and also the pool air pillow.

  • Then you need to clean the pool

The next thing you need to do is clean the pool. You need to use a brush and clean the walls and the floor of the pool. It helps in balancing the water. Also cleaning the pool will help you to get rid of algae and mould growth and therefore there will be no bacteria to feed on. 

You also need to check your water for winter to make sure that it is in a good condition. For this purpose, you can also use test strips and water testing kits to be more accurate about the results. Make sure that you rinse off all the debris and then drain the water from the valve by placing it on the winterize setting.

  • The third step is to drain the water 

The third step is to drain the water from the pool pump. You need to turn the heater off and allow it to become cool or else it will damage your pool pump. Keep it like that for around twenty minutes before you start to winterize it. 

Then switch off the pump and remove the filter. Make sure that there is no water which is still present in the pump. Then remove the cap from the filter and allow the free flow of the water. 

Remember that you do not need to replace it if it is in a good condition. You need to unplug the drain plugs and keep them safely somewhere because you might need them again in the future. 

After this, you need to remove the loosened fittings and unscrew them. After this blow, the pipes using the compressor to get rid of the water 

  •  Add the winterizing chemicals

You need to add the winterizing chemicals because they help in keeping the pool in good condition in cold weather.

  • Give a break to your pool pump

Do not keep the pool pump running all the time because the evaporation can cause harm to the motor. You should use it for about 8 to 10 hours during hot weathers and for about 6 hours during the cold weathers.

  • Make sure you clean the accessories and keep them safe

Make sure that there is no debris left in the pool or around it. Collect them all and clean them and keep them away from the pool. This is for the safety of the water and will help in preventing the debris from making the water dirty and spoiling it.


In conclusion, every time someone winterizes their pump they add life to it because it will help the pump to work for a longer period of time. It will help to save the money that you could have spent on repairing it. 

It will also help in improving efficiency and effectiveness. This will also help in preventing future frustrations and hassles. Make sure that you keep your pool pump outside during the period of winterization.  Besides that, also make sure that you use pool cover so that you do not destroy the pool’s lining. This will make sure that your pool is safe and free from any problems throughout the period of winterization.

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