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How Can You Get A Loan While You Are Unemployed?

If you are unemployed, then it is tough to get a loan. We all know that the only institution to take a loan is a bank. If we want, then we can borrow a small amount of money to a considerable amount of money from a bank. If you want to take a loan from a bank, of course, there are some conditions which we have to obey. Before giving a loan, the Bank will ask you for a car and a house as collateral. Sometimes the Bank will ask for your minimum yearly income rate. If you cannot return the full loan amount you took from Bank, then the Bank will seize all of your assets. When you are unemployed, but you need money, then what do you do? For all those helpless people, an organization is created named Robocash. If you are new to this, then you should check this link out for further more information

What is Robocash?

Robocash is an online process. By this process, you can get a loan even if you are unemployed. But in recent days, “Robocash” didn’t allow those persons who are unemployed. But you have a minimum earning source to return the loan. If you have a minimum income source, then you will get the offer from Robocash.

How Robocash works?

Robocash is an online process, and it works with clients in the virtual or online section. Robocash is an automated process operated without human help, so it is an advanced technology for Philippine people. A personal loan for an unemployed person is hard to get, but those people can still get a personal loan. Robocash is a process that usually requires an identity or guarantor. Robocash doesn’t offer unemployed people loans, but they can offer loans while you have a stable income source, and the income is other official or unofficial.

Obstacles for an unemployed person to get loans:

Unemployment problem:

The unemployment problem is one of the biggest problems in the Philippines. A lot of people suffer from unemployment problems in the Philippines. There are almost 5 million entirely unemployed people. Unemployed people need money while they are applying for a job. They need to verify police clearance, medical clearance, and so on. If you have a certain amount of income source, you can apply for a loan from Robocash.

A tough deal for renters:

Borrowing money is a tough deal from Bank. And if you are an unemployed person, it is quite impossible to get a loan from Bank. Despite managing, they required massive interest from your loan. Bank will ask for the same amount of your property for a collateral purpose. The collateral themes are cars, houses, fields, or other properties. If you cannot return the loan, then the Bank will seize all of your assets. RoboCash has come up with a solution to that problem. To know about the solution, then you can click here

If you are a suitable candidate in all respects to get a loan, Robocash will give you the loan. In that case, it is essential to know some terms and conditions which you have to follow:

1. Age requirement:

To get a loan is verification is such essential criteria. The minimum age is 21 to get a loan from Robocash.  If you are under 21, you will not get the offer, and the maximum age is 70 years old to get this offer.

2. Citizenship:

It would be best if you had to be a Philippine citizen. If you are not a citizen of the Philippines, this offer is not for you. a Philippine citizen can get this offer for those who are not unemployed but have a minimum income source.

3. Identity:

Before getting a loan, you have to make sure of your identity. If your identity is wrong, then you will suffer a lot.


1. As it is an online-based process, you don’t have to get outside of your home.

2. Robocash can save you time.

3. Robocash doesn’t require any documentation

4. Robocash is a fully automated service.

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