Someone is Thinking About You Sexually

How Do You Know if Someone is Thinking About You Sexually?

In general, when we are sexually attracted to someone we tend to think about that person, his or her body features and try to view them based on our imagination. 

We even try to analyze the reason behind finding them attractive. This attraction may not last long but you will find yourself dying for the touch of the other person right at the moment. 

We all do desire to take certain steps forward when we find ourselves getting attracted to someone based on their sex appeal. But somehow, we are always unsure about their reactions.

Given below are some initial traits to analyse if someone is thinking about you sexually:-

You feel it

Whenever you are around someone, you will see the spark in their face by seeing you. You will notice them wanting to spend a lot of time with you. 

You will be able to feel the chemistry and realise that the other person wants something beyond friendship. Their exciting sight towards you and their attempts to seduce you is enough to understand the person’s intentions. 

In that case, they have some kind of sexual weakness towards you.

They hang around you

When you see the other person being over-friendly and always enthusiastic to chat, then that is a very important sign in this aspect. They want to sit close to you, they want to stay by your side which might not make you feel comfortable, but that is their way to express their sexual attraction towards you. 

They try to be curious about your likes and impress you. And sometimes, they even try to interfere in your personal space which may not be very desirable to you.

They are touchy

In this case, they would always crave for physical touch. Physicality does not imply harassing, but the touch makes the other person feel satisfied. It excites his hormones. 

Therefore, they always tend to yearn for physical touch. They might touch your arms or your waist very casually but that gives them pleasure. 

If these are the symptoms, then you know whatever you are thinking is absolutely correct, and there is no second thought about it.  

Eye contact

Eye contact is one of the basic aspects of sexual inclination towards someone. It is said that eyes speak a lot more words than our mouth can ever do. It is indeed a correct statement. 

The adrenaline rush seeing someone very evidently reflects in our eyes. You will be able to see it in the person’s eyes if he is truly into you. 

Your sixth sense will make you realise the actual fact. They will keep longer eye contacts and that sparkle in their eyes are enough to know the genuine feelings of a person.

They will flirt more often

Flirting is very common in today’s generation. Some people are desperate to flirt whereas some are casual types who just believe in healthy flirting. 

When someone is flirting with you continuously and is appreciating your features, your looks and your whole appearance, then he is definitely driven by your sex appeal and wants more intimacy with you. 

They would want to hang out alone

When you are in a group, it is generally not easy to ask you out. But one can do that via chat. If a person is into you, then he would want separate encounters with you to spend time with you alone without anyone’s interference. 

They want to take steps forward to win over you by hook or by crook.


Thus, as a conclusion, it is important to state that the above article contains the initial signs seeing which a person would understand whether someone is sexually attracted to him/her. 

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