Saturday , September 18 2021
Bespoke Kitchen

How High-Quality Bespoke Kitchens Can also Be DIY

The modern interior design features of high-quality and bespoke kitchens are in demand and trending across most interior design platforms. The most interesting development has, however, been the fact that even bespoke design has become available to the DIY enthusiast.

The connotations presented by the term DIY are oftentimes misleading. With regard to furniture, DIY has become synonymous with the flat pack and the concept of design as espoused by firms such as Ikea. These ideas of furniture design have been transferred by some to fixed fittings as well and entire kitchens, bedrooms and living spaces can be designed and sent out in flat pack form, ready for the budding enthusiast to put it all together.

Cheap definitely doesn’t mean nasty and there are some high-quality but cheap kitchen units flat pack options out there. These allow you to get a bespoke design that has been cut, fit and measured for your specific kitchen and then sent out to you in flat pack form.

The DIY skills needed

You will require some specific DIY skills to fit a bespoke kitchen and this must be considered before you engage in the design process. As there will be no point having a beautifully bespoke kitchen arriving at your home and you not having the tools or the DIY skills to fit your creation.

Before you start

You will need to remove all the old units and clear the space in anticipation of the new units arriving. The electric, gas and water supplies must be located and disconnected or turned off before the installation. Lastly, the floor must be levelled and tiled or sealed and the walls and ceiling cleaned or painted to match the incoming cabinets. And yes, this is all before you have unpacked the new bespoke kitchen.

Once unpacked

The main piece of advice here is to make sure that you have gone with a reputable firm that will have provided a clear step-by-step guide to fit the kitchen, and this should be in a language that you are familiar with. You will need the basic carpentry skills and tools as well as the ability to use a spirit level to ensure that all your surfaces, counter tops and doors are all aligned and close flush. Another tip is to mark off the tops of the counters all along the walls and then fit from one corner of the room, working your way around in a logical fashion. Never screw the cabinets and cupboards together or to the wall until you have clamped them all and checked the fit. Once this is done and all the cabinets have been installed the laminate countertop will be the easiest to install, if you have gone for special timber or stone then you may need to call on professional help for this part.

Lastly, for the gas and electric reconnection you will need a gas safe engineer and for the electrician to report any new circuits or fuse boxes to building control, to have it all signed off. A bespoke kitchen may be closer than you think and easier than it’s ever been. You will also not have to break the bank to get one.

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