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How Joining Glo and Doing Yoga Online Can Get You Yoga Arms

When many of us talk about or hear others talk about strength training, the idea of weight training may show up in our mind. But anyone who has done vigorous yoga online might wonder whether yoga counts as strength training. Health experts tell us to do strength training exercises at a minimum of two times a week. It keeps your metabolism running as it should, plus it prevents bone loss.

But does all of this mean that instead of doing yoga online, we now have to lift heavy dumbbells and do weight training? Can’t we just do yoga?

Weights Build Bulk, Not Muscle

If all you want is bigger muscles, then lifting heavy weights is the way to go. But in order to get those bodybuilder muscles, you will need to add heavier and heavier weights to your weight training regimen. If you don’t, your progress will stall.

Why Yoga Counts as Strength Training

Doing yoga online can reduce your overall risk of injury. It can also help your body to perform routine tasks such as lifting your groceries, bending, twisting, sitting, and walking. In yoga, your body uses both your large and small muscle groups to move itself in many different directions. Unlike weight training, you’re not moving your muscles back and forth when you’re engaging in a regular yoga practice.

When you do yoga, your muscles stretch as they contract. These movements give your muscles an elongated, sleek look. Yoga also increases the level of flexibility in your joints and muscles. With weight training, it solely relies on the muscles getting smaller as they contract. If you don’t stretch before and after weight training, the fibers in your muscle will heal closer together. This will create that big, bulky look that bodybuilders often have.

How Glo Can Give You Sleek, Elongated Muscles

Have you ever looked at the arms of your yoga teacher and wondered just what it is that they’re doing to get that look? Before long, you too could have those yoga arms with a regular yoga practice. A simple way to continue or even start your practice is to sign up for a Glo membership.

Glo is an online yoga platform that allows members to take thousands of classes on yoga, pilates, meditation, and plenty of other fitness, wellness, and mindfulness topics. New classes are added all the time, so you will never need to watch the same videos over and over if you crave variety. But if you have your favorite teachers and videos, we won’t complain! When you join Glo, you’re not limited to the operating hours of your local studio. That means that you can get those sleek muscles you’ve always wanted at 4 pm, 4 am, or at any other time. With Glo, anytime is the right time to take out that mat and do some yoga online. You also don’t have to limit yourself to one teacher, one style of yoga, or a certain number of classes. When you purchase a Glo membership, you can take as many classes as you can possibly muster. That’s getting a lot of bang for your buck!

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