How many Categories are included in WordPress

How many Categories are included in WordPress | Uses with Detail

When people start their business they need a website to promote the business work. A website defines the working of a company without visiting their office. Only have to do just go to the website and learn which type of services they providing for his customer. Many people are new in the business line and don’t have the budget to develop a website. That’s why WordPress is the most usable platform that provides the control to stand up your website. WordPress has many tools, features, plugins, and functionality that easily able to make your website perfect within your budget. Example: If you want to build the education portal then you just need to install the WPLMS plugin and customize your site as per your imagination.

The plugins give any website to a better structure and perfect look that help you to get a lot of visitors into your website. Visitors need information in a good manner, also your website looks hold visitor’s eye on your website. Therefore, WordPress has a good collection of plugins that can be used according to the features. Every plugin has a different and unique quality then other but the goal is only to build a website user-friendly.

In this article, we discuss the categories of WordPress that help you to make your website according to its niche. All categories have a lot of plugins, as per research up to 54,000 plugins are available to use. So, it’s a huge collection, that makes your work easier to pick a better one for your website.

Types of WordPress Categories

WordPress Category

WordPress Categories are divided according to the business purpose and all types of business easily covered. Now, most of the people are using these categories the user can build a business website as per your imagination. The working interface is very simple and only you have to follow some of the instructions. After that, you will complete your website and provide services according to your goal.

Below we have mentioned some WordPress categories that help most of the users to develop a website within budget. Have a look:

  • Corporate,
  • Blog/Magazine,
  • eCommerce,
  • Retail,
  • Education,
  • Portfolio,
  • Creative,
  • Entertainment,
  • Technology,
  • Wedding,
  • Mobile,
  • Real Estate,

These and many more categories include that help you to pick any one plugin to make your website look more effective and user-friendly. These plugins are the most popular content management system and have thousand of beautiful plugins to build your business website with a bang.

You can add some specific features on category pages while creating your website templates such as allow the user to show category description, subscribe to a category, choose default layout, and add category image for each category. It is the more usable and best way to create your website layout with reliable functionality.

What do you need to know when choosing a WordPress Theme?

WordPress provides you many free themes that help you to create website layout attractively using different types of features. Therefore, when you are thinking to select any theme then you should remember some points that help you to build a website as per your imaginations. Develop a website with WordPress, not a big deal but the selection of themes can affect your customer. If your website is more attractive, stylish and user-friendly then it’s easy to hold your customer eye on your website. Otherwise, the wrong selection of the WordPress theme decreases the visitor’s rate.

Some points to remember when choosing a WordPress theme are:

  • Flexibility,
  • SEO Friendliness,
  • Ease to Use,
  • Visual Appeal,
  • Speed,
  • Widget Support,


If you want to give a more personal touch to your site or blog, then it is advisable to go for a more flexible theme that you can add to yourself.

SEO Friendliness

While you choose a WordPress theme then allow you to add many things like post title and description. This helps you to rank on different types of search engines and bring more visitors to your website.

Ease to Use

You are most probably buying a WordPress theme because you do not know how to design a website. Thus, a readymade topic on sale should be enough to make you hassle-free and established.

Visual Appeal

A good selection of theme gives your site or blog a distinct, sending a positive impression to your visitors, and memorable personality that you need to be able to live.


Uploading speed is the most factor that makes your website perfect to use because your site may take a lot of time to load and you don’t want to lose your visitors. Therefore, make sure about your selected theme that does not slow down your website.

Widget Support

You develop a business website or blog to earn money online. So, your WordPress theme should easily support ad widgets that place on your pages in sidebars, footers, and headers to get revenue while visitors getting information on your website.

These things help you to build your website unique and multi-purpose. If you have any problem with that then ThemeForest platform is the most reliable option that provides thousands of plugins according to the category. Here you can see the demo of all categories plugins so you can check and select as per your need.

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