How Much Do Truckers In The US Earn, The Pros And Cons Of Working

How Much Do Truckers In The US Earn, The Pros And Cons Of Working

America has excellent roads that allow you to connect any metropolis with a small town. In addition, during the last year of the pandemic, the demand for trucking in the United States doubled. This led to the fact that truckers, who were already lacking in the country, began to be appreciated even more. Today, firms offer them not only favorable salaries, but also very good working conditions.

Pros of work

The main plus of truckers’ work is an attractive salary – they are paid really well, but you need to become a qualified driver and get all the necessary licenses, Truck Driving CDL School Spokane will help you with this, see all available services on their website /, they will also help with the internship. After them, you will definitely be able to conquer the roads of America.

So, for two or three weeks of work a month, he receives six to seven thousand dollars. But he adds that he drives someone else’s truck.

Truckers who go on trips in their own car, receive about 10 thousand dollars a month. Working as a truck driver gives you the opportunity to earn more or less decent money, because the payment is by miles: something from $0.40 to $0.50 per mile. And then the income depends on how much a person wants to earn.

For the United States, this is a very good income.

In comparison, a qualified doctor receives the same amount.

Disadvantages of being a truck driver

1. The inability to build a personal life.

This profession completely excludes a sedentary lifestyle, it is very difficult to have a normal family, constantly on the road.

Firstly, not every woman will agree to marry a man who will appear at home only a week or two a month.

And secondly, the trucker himself on the flight will constantly torment himself with thoughts of what his wife is doing in his absence;

2. Constant feeling of loneliness

Working as a truck driver would be a good option for introverts.

However, not all people can spend days in a society of only themselves and feel inner comfort at the same time.

Often a trucker rides with shifters, but while one man turns the steering wheel, the second sleeps off before his shift.

Audiobooks and films that the driver not only watches but listens to save from loneliness;

3. Negative impact on health

The work of a trucker is quite physically difficult, you need to be strong and hardy to withstand such a grueling schedule.

Due to a sedentary lifestyle, the neck and spine suffer, eyesight falls, as you constantly have to look at the road, the dust of highways and the surrounding deserts negatively affects the lungs. In addition, in this work there is a great threat to life, because no one is safe from accidents on the roads.

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