How to Add Product Image in Woocommerce?

Woocommerce is one of the best open-source plugins linked with WordPress. Envisioned and Invented by Mike Jolley & James Koster of Woothemes on 27th September 2011 Woocommerce is being used by more than 4 million Websites across the world. 

It has observed more than 40 million downloads so far online and in 2017 alone Woocommerce was responsible for approximately 10 billion dollars of Sales worldwide. They are recognized as one of the world’s most trusted E-Commerce plugins and platforms with their top-notch security system. 

It is a great option for online sale. If you are planning to sell your products online, Woocommerce would be your best option. Now to sell products online you need to showcase your product as much as you can. 

The visual appeal of your products must be very high to generate more sales. And the main reason behind visual appeal is the photos you provide along with your products.

There are three types of photos or images that Woocommerce uses across their store;

  • Single Product Image

This is the largest image and it refers to the featured image that shows up on your individual product details page.

  • Catalogue Image

These are the medium-sized images that appear in the loop in places such as Product Category Pages, Shop Pages, or Related Products.

  • Product Thumbnails

These are the smallest images used in places like Shopping Cart, Widgets, etc.

Steps to Add Image

When you are adding a new product or updating an existing product in the store, there’s an option available on the right side of the window to upload Images.

  • Select “Set Product Image” (It’s the large image to be showcased across the store) from the right side.
  • You will be directed to your Media Library. Choose an existing photo from there or Upload a new one from your local computer.
  • The existing photo can be removed and edited as well.

In case multiple images are required for featuring purposes, A product gallery could be created to display all the Images related to any particular product. The process is the same as adding an image of a product but this needs to be done using the Product Gallery Meta Box. Multiple Photos can be selected in this case.

In Case a Reshuffle is required in the Product Gallery, it can be done easily by dragging the photos to the left or right until the correct sequence is created.

In case an image needs to be removed, it can be done by selecting the photo and clicking the Cross mark on the top right.

There are some other features available as well to showcase the Product Images. 


With this option, the Customer can view the zoomed-in version of the Product by hovering the mouse over the image. There’s a Magnifying Glass option available on the top right side of the image to zoom in. 

The difference is, in the first instance the whole product can be seen in zoomed-in view; however, in the second case, only a selected part of the product can be seen in Zoomed in View.

But in both cases, a very good quality image is required to keep the clarity of the image while zoomed in. Zoom-in option provides customers with an intricate view of the view which is not available otherwise in a normal image.


If the Lightbox option is enabled by the seller while modifying or uploading the image, it gives a unique edge to the product. If customers choose, the product or some part of the product can be displayed against a Dark Backdrop and artificial light will be shone on the product enhancing its features for the customer to see.

Things to Remember

Now there are a few things that need to be kept in mind while working on the Image part. The woo-commerce recommends a minimum 800×800 pixels image to be uploaded but the higher the resolution the better are the chances for the image to work with all the existing features. 

Both Zoom & Lightbox are add-in features and can be turned off if the services are not required by the seller. In case of a Customized Woocommerce Theme being used by the Seller, it is recommended to set the dimensions of the images for better features. Lastly Blurry or Fuzzy images are not recommended in general although there are ways to fix them on Woocommerce. 

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