How to Buy Car Insurance Policy without Paying a Hefty Commission?

How to Buy Car Insurance Policy without Paying a Hefty Commission?

Are you still paying a hefty commission to car insurance agents to buy the best insurance policy for your car? You have the option to do away with this excessive charge by availing Car Insurance Online.

Buying car insurance might look like a tedious task, especially for a layman with no knowledge of insurance. And that is why there are insurance agents to help policy seekers to buy the best insurance policy at the best price. But this doesn’t come for free. Yes, you need to pay a hefty charge as commission to the agent which goes from your pocket. Nevertheless, you have the option to buy your car insurance policy without paying any commission to the agent and you can do so by buying car insurance online.

Let us discuss the various ways through which you can buy your car insurance without paying any commission. But before that let us check the different modes through which you can buy a car insurance policy in India.

  • Insurance Companies – This is one of the easiest ways to buy car insurance. All you need is to visit the nearest branch of a car insurance company or contact their customer care number to buy a car insurance policy.
  • Insurance Agents – There are two types of agents that you can choose to buy a car insurance from including Captive Agents and Independent Agents. These agents sell policies on behalf of insurance companies. Captive Agents sell policies for one insurance company, while Independent Agents sells for multiple companies.
  • Car Dealers – You can also purchase your car insurance policy from the car dealer whom you are buying the car from. 
  • Online Mode – Besides the above, you have the option of buying car insurance online by comparing policies, premium rates, benefits, features and so on.   

So, How to buy Car insurance Without Paying Commission?

Simply speaking, there are two modes of buying a car insurance policy where you don’t need to pay a commission. They are:

 1. Buy Car Insurance Straight from the Insurer – Of course, if you are buying a four-wheeler insurance from a particular insurance company, in that case, you don’t have to pay any commission. In this case, there are no agents involved and you buy the policy from the insurer directly.  Thus, your premium doesn’t include any commission.

2. Buy Car Insurance Online – The second and the most viable option is to buy your car insurance online where you do not need to pay any commission. This can be done by following a simple process of visiting the website of the insurer from whom you want to buy the policy or by visiting the portal of the broker such as With online buying of policy, you save on the agent’s commission cost as well as operational cost of the policy, which makes the premium low. 

Why Do You Think you should Purchase Car Insurance Online?

If you are still tangled in the hassles of agents to buy your car insurance policy, you must check the various benefits of buying car insurance online. This way not only you avoid the hefty agents commission but can also compare policies online to understand them better and select the best suited policy for your car.

The online process is hassle-free and can be done from the comfort of your home. It allows the insured to avail best deals at ease. It is a convenient process where you get round the clock assistance. Further, the reviews of customers already using the policies make it easy for the policy seeker to opt for a particular policy.

To Conclude

As already discussed, buying a car insurance online is the most convenient way to procure a four-wheeler insurance. Rather than wasting money on paying an agent a commission, it is better to search for a good comprehensive car insurance plan online by comparing different plans and buy it to avail maximum benefits of your motor insurance. allows its customers the smooth and hassle-free mode of buying car insurance online. They allow a range of policies by multiple insurers that the policy seekers can choose from. So, if you want to spare yourself from the hassles of agents and commissions, get car insurance online via

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