How to Check Plagiarism of a Blog

It is very very important to check the plagiarism of the blog that which we are writing for our website or is a very important factor in SEO ,because if we copy-paste the article from another site or blog or from different property so plagiarism occurs ,which can give very bad effect to our reputed blog. so in this context, if we want to write article we can take examples of different blogs which is related to our topic that how other people can write the article and how they are working like on Seo. so accordingly to that, we have to keep this in our mind that we have to write a unique article for our visitors, and but doing proper on-page SEO so we get properly index in the google search engine, and Google also doesn’t allow to publish a copy-pasted article on any of the blog or website. And google can penalize fo that and if we do the same our ranking is effected and spam score will be increased after some time. There are so many free and paid tools to check plagiarism which helps us to check the plagiarism of the article and it shows the source also from where lines are copied.

How to remove plagiarism

First of all, we have to write SEO friendly article for our blog which means the article should be no copy-pasted and plagiarised in nature. It is very Important to Remove Plagiarism in the content because “Content is the King” in this Industry Many of the Digital Marketing Institute in Dwarka are teach in these Modules. But sometimes if we check plagiarism some time we get to know that plagiarism was there on our written article from plagiarism checker tools .i have listed some of the tools from which you can check the plagiarism by entering your text in it so you will get to know it is plagiarised or not.

As plagiarism becomes a very important and more people want to protect their work,  There are so many different plagiarism checker tools. Here is the list for top 10 free plagiarism checking tools for which are available.



3.Plag Tracker

4.Copy Leaks

5.Unplug Checker



8.Search engine Report



Some of the tools which are listed above are very commonly used to check the plagiarism through which you can check the plagiarism of your blog, and pro version was also available of the tools in which you can get the extra pro feature to correct the plagiarised article.

Conclusion:– plagiarism plays a very important role in SEO firstly we have to check plagiarism of that blog or not because it defiantly will affect the ranking of our blog by which domain authority and page authority will also effect this will occur only due to plagiarism. I would like to recommend you to get the pro version of the tool because it can give you the correct and proper analysis of the data which you have entered.

Don’t copy other ideas show your own creativity the make it good and it should look like professional and optimized that it means when some reader read a blog he or she will get proper information which they want and for what they have landed to your site.

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