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How to Clean Shoes: Tips for Every Type of Shoe

One of the hardest parts of shoe maintenance is their cleaning procedure. There are multiple solutions proposed for all kinds of shoes such as spartan running shoes, walking shoes that are usually working for the majority of the people. Shoes are in close touch to the ground and that is why they are usually getting dirty without you having any idea about it.

Dirt and dust can easily accumulate to the outer side of your shoes and make them look a lot less attractive to you. Most of the stains that are imprinted on your shoes are oily based and that is why you should always have the chance to wash them away using special formulas that can easily dissolve them.

Shoes are one of the most important parts of your external appearance. That is why you should have as your top priority to keep them always clean when you are going out for work or being with your friends. Clean shoes are always adding credits to your external appearance and make you look like a neat person that is respecting other people that are going to meet with. Your personality shines through the appearance of your shoes which is always one of the most explicit parts of your external image to the world.

Ways to efficiently clean your shoes

There are many types of shoes that you may keep in your closet. Some of the ones that are easily getting dirty are the running shoes. They are usually made of regular textiles that are absorbing water when exposed to external weather conditions. This action can get them dirty and you have to come up with a way to clean them efficiently.

Most of these shoes are easily washed with running water and simple soap that can eradicate all possible stains that are on top of the shoes. Not to mention, that there are other types of stain which cannot be easily taken off the outer surface of the shoes. They do need some special primers that can penetrate to the core of the stain and dissolve it. Either way, you could easily remove the stains and have clean and neat shoes for all your social interactions.

On the other hand, there are formal leather shoes that need to be constantly cleaned. These shoes can be initially cleaned with simple cloth and water so that the external layers of dust and mud are adequately removed. Going on you are going to need a special cream formula that can wipe all possible stains away and at the same time lubricates the outer leather parts of the shoes to make them last for longer.

However, some people are using special types of shoes that are good for the construction business. These people are using their leather shoes close to cement and other corroding agents that are mostly found in construction sites. Stains like that need special diluting agents to remove all stains that come to accumulate to the shoe surface. These so-called primers are expensive to buy and only a small portion of them can be applied to the shoes to make you clean them thoroughly.

Cleaning your shoes could become an easy task provided that it is done frequently and in regular increments. You cannot have your dirty shoes stacked in your closet for a long time and then expect a special formula to give them their lost shine. Stains are to be removed immediately upon detection and this is something that applies to all possible materials that shoes are usually made of.


There is nothing more important than keeping your shoes clean. If you have a pair of waiters shoes then you must need your shoes clean for good looking. It shows that you have respect for yourself and to the people you are dealing with. Today there are lots of ways to keep the shoes adequately clean without spending a fortune for that reason. People are always looking for the most affordable solution when they are trying to keep their shoes cleaned.

However, this is not always the right one since they don’t get the results they were initially expecting. If you want to have clean shoes all the time, then you need to be confident about the formulas you are using on your precious shoes.

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