How to make a banner for YouTube for Free

How to make a banner for YouTube for Free

How to make a banner for YouTube for free? In this article, I will explain to you how to make a high-quality banner for the YouTube channel and talk about the dimension and design. This will help you increase the number of subscribers. I will also cover the best free tool that will help you design a YouTube banner for free.

Many people are going for YouTube every now and then. And after starting they understand that they need a beautiful banner to attract a potential amount of viewers and gather subscribers. Then they start thinking about how to make a banner for YouTube for free.

They get confused with what YouTube banner size should they use or what YouTube banner template can help them. And undoubtedly today’s article is for them.

How to make a banner for YouTube for Free?

The first thing you need is a template with the dimensions of the YouTube channel banner. I downloaded it on the official YouTube help site. It opens using Adobe Photoshop. The template shows what size the banner of the channel should have. The minimum banner size should be 2560 by 1440. If the size is smaller, then YouTube will not accept this picture, you cannot set it as a banner.

For designing a perfect YouTube banner, you will need a proper YouTube banner dimension or size. So first let’s discuss it.

The perfect dimension for YouTube banner

This template shows how the banner will look on various devices. It is very important. Full banner size (2560 x 1440 pixels) will only be displayed on the TV. Other sizes are for devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets, and phones. On mobile devices, part of the banner 1546 x 423 will be shown (in the screenshot). Such a rectangle will be shown on all devices.

The remaining parts will, roughly speaking, be eaten. Therefore, if you place some important information in these parts, then the audience simply will not see it.

Such a rectangle of 1855 by 423 will be displayed on tablets. That is, users who log in from the tablet will see a little more.

This piece of 2560 by 423 will be displayed in full on laptops with full HD resolution.

Therefore, it is very important that all the information you want to convey to the viewer is placed in this rectangle.

Yes, it is small, but basically, you need to use it. Additional elements can be installed already in other parts.

Now let us discuss the best free tool that will help you design a beautiful and professional YouTube banner.

Photopea – Free Online Photo Editor

Photopea - Free Online Photo Editor

Photopea – Free Online Photo Editor is the best tool that will help you make a banner for YouTube for free. You don’t need to spend money to get a quality photo editor. You don’t even need to download an app.

Some powerful icon editors need a monthly subscription fee or a high initial investment. Photopea greenbacks each of those trends and instead provides you a free choice that does not even require you to transfer something.

Photopea may be a distinctive piece of writing application — I’ve ne’er used something I am passionate about it. It is a Photoshop different that you merely} just open in your browser. Each interface and its feature list are going to be acquainted with anyone UN agency has used Photoshop.

Whereas it does not have each feature of Adobe’s flagship icon editor, Photopea is not a light-weight editor either. It’s enough power and options to stay several users from having to get a photographed piece of writing code.

So as we are using Photopea for making a banner for YouTube for free, we will here design two different sizes. One is for low-resolution devices and the other is for high-resolution devices. Many of the designers and YouTubers do not follow this and that is why their YouTube banner looks blurry in high-resolution devices.

Step to make a banner for YouTube for free

There are basically four steps behind the whole procedure: make a banner for YouTube for free. And they are-

  1. Choosing a proper banner size. [We have discussed this already in previous sections. I hope you have a clear idea about this.]
  2. For a YouTube banner, different online tools offer different free templates. You can use them or start afresh and design a template of your own.
  3. It is a very important step. Add some personalized stuff to your YouTube banner. You have owned it. It should represent you and your company. This step is really vital. Make it a brand.
  4. And the final step is known to you all. Download the final image that you have created and upload it on YouTube as a banner. Just keep in mind one thing. You have to download it on either .png format or .jpg format. If you ask me, my vote always goes for .png format. Because it does not lose quality.

I hope now you have a clear idea of how to make a banner for YouTube for free. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try. As it is free there is nothing wrong to give it a try. And the more you, the more you will be able to create a professional design for your YouTube banner.

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