How to Make an Eye-catching Logos Online with DesignEvo

These days, technology makes our lives convenient, it makes possible to connect the virtual world. The best of best, it makes everything easier to be done. But how about graphics designing? Could AI design a logo for you?

The reality is everyone could design logos sure, but the excellent one is difficult to work out. So the ideal solution is still to consult designers or designing studio.

But for people who with a small budget, online logo makers would be a great alternative to get a stunning logo.

Well, in this post, you will get to know one of the best online logo designing applications—DesignEvo, which to help you create logos quickly and effortless.

DesignEvo is a cross-platform tool available on the web, Android, iOS, Mac. But this time we tested the web version. The web-running feature requires you not to download and install any files to run.

Look no further; let’s check out how to design a logo with DesignEvo?

How to design a logo with DesignEvo

Choose Templates or start from scratch

Luckily, you can start creating your logo from a prebuilt template stock, this will save you a lot of time because the service boasts more than 10,000 templates ready to use. You can even browse the templates from categories and pick the one you like best.  After then you can enter your company name and some slogan to have half the work done.

Once you land on this application, you can see that it is quite concise and intuitive, so you will have a clear idea of where to start your project.

Customize the logo

On the left bar, it has four major editors: Icon, Text, Shape and Background. Clicking on Icon opens an attached panel where we can access thousands of clip art ready to add to the workspace.

By clicking on the Text part you will access thousands of fonts, and you can even choose between Classic and Art, but actually, it is better to not to use fancy fonts on your logo. After selecting the font, you can customize them it with a toolbar above the canvas. In fact, you can customize your text at your will.

Another advantage is that you can manage layers so you can have strong control of every element and join elements of text and graphics very quickly. If you want to Undo or Redo, you can find these operations available on canvas and shortcut key Ctrl-Z and Ctrl-Y.

As you have the text customized ready, so you can opt to add some shapes to our logo. By clicking on the Shape section, you can click them to show more. You can add and personalize it according to your needs.

Save and download

One useful function you would like is that you can preview and check what the logo would show on the most common intermedia.

By DesignEvo cloud storage, you can save your logo and reedit whenever.

You can download a free logo with low-resolution.


DesignEvo is quite easy to use, and if you have a need for logos, then you can try this application to do your job.

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