How to Prepare Your Vehicle for the MOT

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for the MOT?

If it has been more than three years since your car has been manufactured, an MOT test after every 12 months is a must and a legal requisite to ensure the vehicle is roadworthy. Despite your unshakeable confidence on the car passing MOT with flying colours, it takes only tiniest of problem to shatter all hope whereas many of these smaller issues indicate bigger dangers in time to come. It’s all about preventing the vehicle before cure.

So, before the next MOT appointment, it’s worth carrying a few simple checks and addresses the issues before they elevate. It’ll only save you from the hassle and expensive repairs that may come abound should you deliberately ignore critical vehicle checks and tests. Let’s have a look at particular areas of the vehicle you should definitely pay attention to for MOT.


Each time you start the engine, better check if all the exterior lights are properly functional. Besides just the headlights, hazard lights, fog lights, rear and sidelights, brake lights, indicators, reverse gear lights and then the lights around the license/registration plate. The easiest way to check is to ask someone to observe from the outside if all the lights are working properly rather than you climbing out of the car every single time. In case any of the bulbs isn’t working, replace immediately.


Although inspecting the brakes without proper equipment is nearly impossible, there’re a few things you can do to check vital safety system and if it’s functional. Take, for instance, you can ensure brake fluid level in the system’s reservoir is as per the recommendation. You can even check if the braking mechanism is performing properly by driving and application of the brakes. In case of anything unusual like juddering of the vehicle, unfamiliar noise each time you apply the brakes or the pedal itself feels spongy, have these issues fixed before the MOT.


To reduce even the slightest chance of your car failing the MOT, have the tyres inspected closely and carefully. Look for possible cuts, bulges or cracks in the sidewalls, run your hands on each tyre to feel any foreign object that might be sticking to the rubber tube.

Also, perform a tread depth check that shouldn’t drop below 1.6mm. You can do so using a tread depth gauge or simply by performing the 20p coin test between the tyre grooves.

Each of the car tyres in Bahrain should be of the same size and construction according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. In case the vehicle comes with a spare, see if it meets legal requirements.


If your vehicle has seen its days which is quite visible on the bodywork, there’s nothing to worry about the MOT here as long as the exterior doesn’t pose a threat to others. Just make sure there aren’t any sharp edges on the bodywork that can harm a pedestrian or even you, see if the bumpers are secured and also ensure the side doors can be open properly.

We do recommend that even the smallest vehicle check be performed by professionals to ensure optimum safety and performance.

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