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How to resell your used cell phone, tablets, and computers

There are many resale programs for gadgets in the United States to choose from. These are the six best options. How can you make a new device cheaper? Well, selling your old device before buying the new one.

Since virtually all operators use payment plans for your devices, you may not have so many old phones stored in a drawer, but many of the device redemption sites accept tablets, smartwatches, and motion tracking wristbands.

To help you with the costs of renewing the newest technology, you can take advantage of websites that give you money and money in exchange for your electronic devices. The prices that are normally offered to you are a little less than what you could get if you sold them directly on Swappa or Craigslist, but you save yourself the wear and tear of dealing with the negotiation, the shipping payment or the service fees.

Amazon Trade-In

  • Payment Method: Amazon Gift Card
  • Payment time: 2 working days

After using the Amazon tool to identify the product you want to sell and describe its condition, you receive a figure for its value.

Once you submit the item (Amazon covers shipping), Amazon will ensure that the item matches your original description. If all is well, you will receive an Amazon gift card for the amount established in your Amazon account. If the item is in better condition than you described, Amazon promises to pay you a higher value.

Your gift card is usually available in two business days after Amazon receives the item.

The bad? With the Amazon resale program, the only place where you can use your money is Amazon.

Apple Trade-In

  • Payment method: Apple Store gift card
  • Payment time: Instantly if you do it in an Apple Store. Two or three weeks if you do it online

Apple exchanges devices from a wide range of companies, not just theirs. You can enter an Apple Store or use the online service. Currently, Apple accepts phones, computers, watches, and “other” devices. If the company does not have an offer for your device, it will ask you if you want to recycle it for free. Visit the site or an Apple store to start the exchange process.

Using Apple to get rid of old devices and recover some money makes sense if you want to buy something from the Apple ecosystem or if you’re going to jump to Android. You cannot, however, use the Apple Store gift card to buy a Samsung device, for example.

Best Buy Trade-In

Getting an estimate is as simple as choosing a product category, manufacturer, model, and condition. Once you have filled out the questionnaire, the tool will estimate the value of the article. The amount they offer you if you decide to accept it will only be delivered in the form of a Best Buy gift card.

You can either send the item to Best Buy using a prepaid label or find a local branch that accepts resale at the store.

The return time of Best Buy mail is slower compared to other services, but the company accepts almost any type of electronic device. You can exchange video games and a phone at the same time, for example. If you do it directly in the store, you will get your Best Buy gift card without waiting.


  • Payment method: Cheque or PayPal
  • Payment time: 1 week

Unlike the others, Nextworth allows you to choose the way you want to be paid for your items: by check or deposit in your PayPal account. (Finally, a service that gives you options!)

The process asks you to answer some questions about the phone, tablet, or smartwatch you want to exchange. Nextworth will make you an offer and, if you accept, it sends you a prepaid shipping label.

Once Nextworth receives the item, it will verify the conditions it is in and if there is any discrepancy you can ask to have the device sent back or accept the new offer made to you.

eBay Instant Selling

  • Payment Method: eBay Gift Card
  • Payment time: 5 business days

The eBay Instant Selling platform monitors the list of phones for sale, and if the device is in good condition, it will instantly offer to buy the phone. In return, eBay will offer the seller an eBay gift card.

The seller (that is, you) will send the device to an eBay-associated company where it will be inspected and verify that the device is in good condition.

If your item is not in the condition you described, eBay will charge the difference. Of course, the bad thing is that you will have to use the money on eBay.


It is a good idea to check which service will offer you more money for the device. This is where Flipsy comes into action.

Flipsy does not exchange in itself, but agglomerates the other services and offers you the list of services and the amount that each one offers you for the device.

So, you can take a look at the list and choose the service or website that gives you more for your device.

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