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utilizing WooCommerce along with WordPress

How to set eCommerce Store by Utilizing WooCommerce along with WordPress?

Do you want to create a store with WordPress and you want to do it the right way? Starting a store can be terrifying, especially when you haven’t done second-language computing at school. Rest assured, this guide is here to help you!

Why use WordPress to create your merchant site?

WordPress is a content management system that makes it easy to create and manage a site. The advantages of WordPress are numerous:

  • Free
  • Easy to install and use
  • The theme (or template) produce a graphic without any technical effort
  • Many features are available thanks to extensions/plugins. No need to have dev skills to use them
  • A large community of developers and enthusiasts easier to solve a problem.

Have you found a niche and are you looking for a solution to create an online store? There are many tools to create an e-commerce site even if you are not a developer.

WordPress is one of the solutions to get you started without too much cost (and without too much risk).

1. Prepare your online store

The classic mistake most newbies make is not choosing the right platform for their store. Lucky you’re here, so you won’t make that mistake.Once done, it is necessary to install WordPress manually instead of the all-in-one installation offered by the hosts. There may be limitations of use thereafter for safety reasons.

2. Install a plugin for e-commerce

To add the functionality of an e-commerce site to its WordPress site, you will need to install an extension dedicated to this use.

3. Configure your WooCommerce store

The first thing to do is to install WooCommerce. It is available as a “plugin”, which you can add to your WordPress site for free. You can also check Springwell water official website that has built their ecommerce store utilizing WooCommerce and added their water filters products.

4. Add the first product to your WordPress store

If you stayed on the previous screen, you can click directly on “Create a product “. Start by choosing a title for your product. You can then add a detailed description to it.

5. Choose and install a theme

Themes control the appearance of your WordPress sites to visitors. For a WooCommerce store, they also control how your products are presented and how they are promoted.

6. Improve your online store with plug-ins

Just as we saw for the installation of WooCommerce in step 3, WordPress plugins are applications that allow you to add new features in a few clicks to your store.

There are more than 50,000! (Well, ok, some do the same thing, differently…) But it still offers a lot of possibilities. Today, we can do almost everything, thanks to plugins and a WordPress site.

WooCommerce and WordPress together are the ideal platform to get into e-commerce at a lower cost while having the possibility of evolving in the future according to its needs.

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