Benefits of Hydrogen Water

Understanding the Potential Benefits of Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen water, as the name implies, is water with hydrogen gas added to it. According to some studies and resources, when you add hydrogen gas to the water can help increase the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It has also been recognized for the ability it has to increase energy, improve muscle recovery after working out, and slowing down the aging process.

When hydrogen water is purchased from, they will find it is possible to get water with hydrogen added or the tablets needed to add hydrogen to water. The most recent research related to the health benefits offered by hydrogen water is limited and additional studies are needed to confirm the latest claims.

Hydrogen Water Nutritional Information

Hydrogen water has the same nutrition makeup that regular water does. It has zero calories, protein, fat, or carbohydrates. The vitamin and mineral content of hydrogen water varies based on where the water is sourced and the provider. There are some manufacturers that will infuse their water with very small amounts of minerals and vitamins. Some of the ones that are chosen include vitamins A and C, sodium sulfate, calcium carbonate, potassium, and magnesium sulfate.

Possible Health Benefits Offered by Hydrogen Water

Many experts believe there are a few benefits offered by drinking hydrogen water. However, there are some who do not know, for sure, if they are better than what is offered by regular water. Remaining hydrated, in general, is one of the best ways to remain healthy.

Some medical experts agree that more research is required to verify the benefits offered by hydrogen water. Based on initial studies, there are a few possible health benefits.

Reduced Side Effects Caused by Radiation Therapy

According to a study involving 49 people suffering from liver cancer showed that drinking this hydrogen-rich water for a period of six weeks while undergoing radiation therapy helped to improve their overall quality during their treatment. Some of the potential side effects of this include fatigue, soreness in the treatment area, hair loss, headaches, skin problems, and nausea.

The study also showed that an individual’s quality of life scores was much higher with the group that regularly drank hydrogen water, compared to the placebo group that drank regular water.

Improved Performance in Athletics

Hydrogen water is believed to help increase energy, reduce recovery time after working out, and reduce inflammation. According to a study that involved 10 soccer players who drain hydrogen water, it showed that it may be beneficial in reducing overall muscle fatigue and reducing muscle function decline that results from exercising.

Disease Prevention

Antioxidants may be present in hydrogen water. This helps prevent oxidative stress, which occurs due to typical body functions, along with specific external forces, which include industrial chemicals and sun exposure. Over time, oxidative stress can cause cancer or other diseases. As you can see, there are several potential benefits offered by hydrogen water. If you want to experience what this product offers, try it for yourself.

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