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Instagram Followers: 5 Ways to Increase Your IG Following Right Away

Young people use social media networks such as Instagram to make and keep friends, cultivate their identity, and expose their talents and hobbies to others, which is why such networks are probably more dominant nowadays than they were a decade ago.

Instagram’s high engagement rate is key for increasing your account’s following, which is why a high rate of engagement on Instagram is what many Instagram users and social media marketers strive for. And with engagement levels extremely high on this mobile-focused platform, it ultimately makes the process of getting more IG followers a pretty seamless process.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the content created and the value provided. If you take a look at any of the most successful brands and influencers on social media, they all have great content. And this is all despite algorithm updates, Instagram interaction fluctuates widely, making it challenging to maintain, let alone improve!

With all of that being said, the best way to grow your Instagram following is to implement a winning social media strategy by implementing each of the recommendations below.

Increase Your IG Following Right Away

1. Link your Instagram with Facebook

Instagram’s professional accounts are connected to a Facebook Page. To generate Facebook advertisements, you can synchronize your professional account to your Facebook Page. To get ahead of the competition, you’ll need to connect your Facebook Page to your Instagram professional account.

Making an Instagram account this way is regarded as one of the easiest and most straightforward methods. You can instantly follow your Facebook friends and family, making it easy for them to follow you back.

With Instagram actually being owned by Facebook, the two connect with each other quite well. They even work off the same self-serve advertising platform.

2. Post quality photos

Instagram’s most important feature is the accuracy with which the photos you post. Posting high-quality images Posting high-quality images will boost the number of views and feedback you receive, as well as your number of followers, catapulting you above your competitors in your chosen niche.

The best option is to use a dependable camera for taking photos. After taking photos, pay particular attention to the lighting and the focus to get the best snaps that will elevate your chance of going viral on Instagram.

And if you aren’t sure what type of content works best, just take a look at any of the existing influencers on Instagram and see which of their updates are getting the most likes, shares and comments.

3. Follow and like to get more followers.

The first step in expanding your Instagram following is to start promoting your account. You are faced with a situation similar to the first day of school when no one acknowledges your presence, and the only way for people to recognize you and get to know you is to first introduce yourself to them.

You may be able to influence a user to visit your profile. When you comment or like another user’s photo, they are likely to support and like your own photos. You can use this method to inform your audience about your presence, even if it takes longer than expected.

It is one of the fastest ways to increase Instagram followers. Following others increases the chances of being followed. This will help with growing your Instagram followers. And once you start going through this process, you should start to see patterns in place that make more sense to follow, and which to stay away from. Brands will often follow many of their fans back, so you might want to start there first.

Check out what your friends are saying about your profile pictures. Don’t forget to upload high-quality images.

4.  Use related hashtags

Despite this, it is important not to overlook the importance of Instagram hashtags. These days, hashtags are going to go a long way on social media. You gain more exposure and recognition if you use relevant hashtags. Your photos are more likely to go viral if they have a lot of hashtags. This will subsequently result in a rise in followers.

With Instagram’s numbers continually rising higher and higher, more people are taking advantage of what IG hashtags have to offer.

The main benefit with using them, is that Instagram is all about hashtags when people use the IG search form. Include the right hashtags, and then your content will be displayed to more audiences.

It’s also important to note that you won’t want to use only the most generic hashtags out there, as they will be super saturated with content. Try to include a mix of popular and unique ones with lower volume, so your content can be found by more audiences.

5. Interact shoutouts

Shoutout exchanges are a simple way to promote others on your Instagram while at the same time promoting your business. All users benefit from this approach. It increases the promotion of your Instagram account. It’s really easy to get a shoutout from people in your niche if you email them. This can be done via Instagram or just plain old email.

The process of tagging and referencing other social media accounts is a method that has been working for many years now. It’s also been recommended time and time again by many of the top social media marketers in the world today.

Instagram Summary

No matter if you just signed up to Instagram for the first time, or already have an active following in the millions — it’s all about engagement and user content. Without an ongoing supply of content, it will be tough for you to engage with new audiences, while also growing your account reach over time. And who knows… you might even become a famous influencer in the process!

In reference to businesses and brands, a company can afford to use Instagram as an incredible marketing tool for growing without spending a lot of money. To stay in touch with your customers, you need to keep them updated about updates. Sharing behind-the-scenes photographs on Instagram can make fans feel a part of the company. A person values their followers on Instagram. As a result, they want quality photos, more shares and views, more fans, and more mentions. All of these will help you develop a large following, which will result in loyal customers.

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