Kick Out Sleep Problems - Use The Best Foam Mattress Available Today

Kick Out Sleep Problems – Use The Best Foam Mattress Available Today

A good night’s sleep is essential to stay fit and healthy. But most of us lack at least an hour of sleep every night for various reasons. This sleep deficit can contribute to many life-threatening conditions in the long run. Therefore, before the conditions get worst we shall find a solution and fix the common sleep problems. Since many of us suffer from lack of sleep due to bad quality mattress, the first and foremost important step to be taken is to replace your old mattress. Many types of research have proved that a foam mattress can bring a great difference in your sleep pattern and quality of sleep.

Memory foam was originally developed by NASA scientists to give cushioning effects to the astronauts while taking off and launching. Experts from Wakefit mention that today you will find its applications in various fields ranging from medical to sports equipment, mattresses to footwear. Hence it differs from other mattresses in many special characteristics. This article will reveal the advantages of memory foam mattress- the most popular mattress in today’s sleep industry:

Body Contouring Comfort

A memory foam mattress has the special characteristic of contouring to your body shape according to your weight. Your body weight is evenly distributed on the surface of the memory foam mattress. It responds very well to external pressure and heat.  Once the pressure is withdrawn, it gets back to its original shape. This visco-elastic feature is used in memory foam mattresses in addition to other materials in the manufacturing process that helps to conform to your body shape. Also, this material is highly adaptable to body heat.

Ideal for Any Sleeping Position

Memory foam has a highly resilient nature that makes it suitable to accommodate people with different sleeping positions; Be it stomach sleeper, back sleeper, or side sleeper. All can enjoy a good night’s sleep with neutral spine alignment and adequate back support.

Excellent Pressure Point Relief

The viscoelastic foam aids in natural spine alignment helping you get the sleep in your most comfortable position. It has special features that displace pressure from the areas of pain in your body. Its usage over some time helps to get relieved from pain. Usually, in the area of pain, you can feel a high temperature compared to the rest of the body parts. Memory foam can detect the variation in temperature and mould the body consistently either by adding or minimizing the pressure on that area. Hence it is considered as the best mattress for back pain. This mattress can be beneficial for people who suffer from neck pain too.

Zero Motion Transfer

This feature is highly beneficial for partners with different sleep schedules. Memory foam absorbs the energy and controls the effect of movement by resisting the motion transfer. This is best for couples or 2 people sleeping on the same mattress. This will be good news for couples who experience disturbed sleep due to their partner’s frequent tossing and turning as memory foam conforms to individual body requirements.

Hypoallergenic Mattress

The memory foam mattress is meant for those who suffer from allergy and hypersensitivity.  Studies reveal that a typical mattress used for a couple of years will have 10 million dust mites inside it. Whereas memory foam mattresses are made out of polyurethane foam that prevents the accumulation of dust mites inside the mattress. Unlike any other regular mattresses, memory foam’s dense fibrous foam composition resists any other allergens, fungi, mould, and pet dander from collecting on to the mattress.

Excellent Customization Options

Memory foam is famous for its temperature regulation property. Body temperature can have a direct impact on your quality of sleep. Memory foam’s viscoelastic foam is sensitive to heat and allows temperature regulation. When your body temperature increases, the mattress gets softer and eases in sound sleep. There are new models of memory foam mattresses that make use of cooling features with better airflow. You also have the option to customize your foam mattress choosing from various thicknesses such as low density, medium density, and high-density memory foam according to your comfort level.

Dent-free and Sag-free

The latest models in memory foam mattress are manufactured from fine quality resilient materials to provide the perfect blend of a not too firm or not too soft mattress. The open-cell design of this mattress guarantees no sinkage and sagging throughout its lifespan.

Every individual has unique sleep preferences and requirements. However, the memory foam mattress is the best foam mattress that can be a perfect alternative for any other regular mattresses. With its special features like body contouring, pressure point relief, and pain relief, memory foam mattresses are worth considering if you are planning to replace your old mattress. Make sure to ask for the best price, comfort assurance, and free home delivery. Happy shopping!

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