GURURGRAM, August 10, 2019 

Edutainer is the new educational venture, the leading online and offline education destination for every generation. Edutainer wants to bring a positive change in the Indian education system which is firmly stuck with the very old and till date followed the traditional method of ‘chalk and talk’ system. Because of such theoretical knowledge-based systems, technological thinking is not developed in education.

Edutainer is an educational platform, which can get you industry-ready by providing an opportunity to enhance your practical knowledge about various hardware systems. Edutainer goal is to not only provide high-quality, digital and printable resources but to make the learning experiences for learners as easy as possible.  With Edutainer online and offline courses one can get standard-aligned lesson plans, Technical projects as well as its step-by-step digital Guided Lessons that show real technical aspects.

Edutainer is synonymous with technology in the classroom and we believe that it will greatly benefit learners who want to get the most from Edutainer and provide an engaging learning experience for the learners in India. More and more learners are using the platform to become more productive and be industry ready by gaining knowledge and expertise in demanding on-going technologies like Internet of Things, Robotics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, C, C++, Java, Python, Data Science, etc.

About Edutainer: Edutainer is a vision that we ought to focus on the practical aspects rather than theoretical. In this ever-changing, fast pacing world, our education system has become a patient gasping for breath. The requirement for our education system to evolve was never more dire than today. We need to get out of the theoretical and ideal mindset and start focusing on the practicality of scenarios.

In this mission, we have joined hands with some like-minded people to create Edutainer. Here we have developed a platform to help gain the essential skills required in this day and age, with no wastage of time & no distractions whatsoever.

Media Contact:

Madhu Ranjan:  +91- 7827391409, Email: info@edutainer.in

Sunil Prasad:    +91-9911100533, Email: hrmsunil2@gmail.com

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