Maintain Your Landscaped Yard

Tips to Maintain Your Landscaped Yard

Maintaining a yard is the key to a healthy garden and a refreshing house. However, homeowners need to spend a few hours every week to keep their yard clean and green throughout the year. Simply mowing the lawn or watering the plants is not sufficient. Many other things need to be considered, such as choosing the right plants, fertilizing, mulch, pruning, and pest control.

Remove the weeds

Remove the weeds


Weeds are there in every area of a yard. It grows in between the plants and also in the lawn. Weeds absorb the water and nutrients from the soil that you supply for your plants. Therefore, it becomes essential for every yard owner to remove the weeds every two weeks to keep the plants healthy.  

You can remove the weeds with hand or by a weeder. It is not easy to remove weeds from a lawn, for which you can use an herbicide or weed-and-feed product for the whole yard. However, these products only work when you use them in the right season or time of the year.

Remove the leaves

Trees shed their leaves in the autumn, but some also shed in winters and early spring. So, you need to remove the leaves from your lawn and garden regularly to keep it clean. Dense layers of leaves keep the ground wet and invite mold, and pests to the plants.

If you have piles of leaves in your garden, you don’t need to throw them. Instead, you can dig a hole in the ground for compost and put the piles of leaves in it. You can later use the compost as a natural fertilizer for plants in your garden.


Plants need some nutrients and minerals that are not always available in the soil. To make those nutrients and minerals available to the plants, you need to add fertilizers to your ground. If the soil is good, you can use natural compost, but if the land is deprived of nutrients, you should use chemical fertilizer.

It is best to get the soil inspected by a professional to know which minerals are required by the soil. Once you know the required nutrients and minerals, it will be easy to choose the right fertilizer.


Sometimes the soil gets compacted due to foot traffic or mowing. Therefore, the oxygen does not reach the microbes that break down organic matter to enrich the soil. Aeration is essential to keep your lawn healthy, and it is essential to aerate the soil. You can use manual or power aerators to create some shallow holes in the soil. These holes help the air, water, and organic matter spread into the soil, and they reach the plants to enhance their health.




The thatch material gets collected around the base of the grass in any lawn. Thatch is not made of mowed grass, as people usually believe, but it is made of dead culms and crowns. Small lumps of thatch can help retain water in the soil and prevent evaporation. However, a heavy build-up of thatch can prevent the air and water from reaching the soil. Therefore, you must dethatch it by using a de-thatcher tool. Dethatching uncovers the soil to make way for water and air to reach the roots of the plants.


The fungus can cause disease in plants. Healthy plants and grass stand up to fungus very well, but it can cause infection and disease in plants. Moreover, the fungus and spread in the entire garden need to remove the entire plants from your yard. Therefore, it is essential to stop the spread of fungi. You can use a fungicide to stop the spread of fungi or consult a professional to do so.

Pest Control

Pests can spoil your garden within a few days and put all your hard work in vain. Pests can infest a plant, shrub, or tree and spread to the entire garden. Therefore. It is essential to remove the pests as soon as they infect a plant or tree.

As there are various pests, it is best to consult a pest control professional to handle the situation. The pesticide you need to use depends on the type of pests. Also, pesticides are harmful to humans and pets. So, professionals take care of safety while using a pesticide at any place.

Choose the right plants

It is essential to choose the right plants according to seasons and climatic conditions in a location. You can do some research to know about the plants that grow well in your location. Another option is to plant evergreen plants in your garden that grow throughout the year and require less maintenance.



Mulch is made of organic materials like wood chips that help retain moisture in the soil. It forms a layer between the soil and the external environment that maintains the soil’s moisture and temperature. Mulch also protects the roots of plants from external weather conditions like extreme temperatures and snow.

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Your plants and grass need adequate water in every season to stay green and healthy. Homeowners can use a garden hose to irrigate small gardens. However, large gardens require a proper irrigation system to supply water at the right time. For example, large lawns require sprinkler systems, and for some landscapes, drip irrigation is more suitable. It all depends on the area and type of plants in the landscape.

Final Words

Planting the right plants, adequate watering, and removing weeds are the primary tasks for maintaining a landscape yard. Homeowners should consult a professional like Mazzega’s Landscaping Supplies for landscaping material. Mulch and pest control are essential for the growth and health of your plants and lawn grass. Following the tips in this post can help garden owners to maintain their yards throughout the year.  

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