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Make Your Online Store Stand Out with These Free Collage Templates

Online stores have become more prevalent in recent years. Entrepreneurs, new and old, have taken advantage of the platforms available online to spread the news about their sales. If you’re looking to start selling your own goods, finding an easy to use and free online collage maker would be ideal.

The good news is that you can easily find those collage makers. The even better news is that they have some handy templates to offer.

Let’s check out some of those templates in this article. We’ll also talk about how you can make great use of them to beautify your online storefront.

Category Templates

You want to make things as easy as possible for your shoppers, right? Asking them to fiddle around with numerous menus and items risks getting them to dislike the shopping experience you provide.

To make things simpler, use the category templates included with the free online collage maker. Category templates give you an easy and practical way to display your wares.

They usually come with a space for a heading up top and several slots for your products. You can display a complete category with just one photo collage. That will make it easier for your potential buyers to see if you’re offering something they like.

You can also use the category templates to offer sneak previews of all your offerings. You can turn a collage into a category template for all your product categories. Once again, that kind of template will allow your buyers to browse more conveniently.

Just make sure that you use the best photos to represent each product or category you offer. First impressions matter. If a good category collage is the first thing potential customers see, they will be more likely to buy something.

Asymmetrical Templates

Similar to category templates, asymmetrical templates give you the chance to display several photos in one collage. Get the most out of these asymmetrical templates by using them to showcase specific products.

You probably have one product in your catalog that you see as your big-ticket item. Why not use an asymmetrical template to show it off properly? Highlight it from every angle and give all the folks browsing a reason to stop and take a closer look.

Asymmetrical templates work great for showcasing articles of clothing. Shoppers often wonder about the detailing of clothing before making a purchase. You can show them the intricate detailing with the help of the asymmetrical templates. 

Also, consider including photos where the article of clothing is being modeled. Photos like that will make it easier for your shoppers to imagine how the item in question will look on them. Use the asymmetrical templates in your free online collage maker of choice and make those big-ticket items shine.

Side-by-Side Templates

Look for a free online collage maker that offers side-by-side templates because they can prove very useful. Side-by-side templates are especially helpful if you want to sell food.

Just think of all the great food pairings you can showcase with side-by-side templates! What about some breakfast favorites featuring a cup of coffee and a bagel? You could also give your customers something to drool over with a nice plate of pasta and chicken. Of course, you cannot forget about the classic burger and fries combo.

Can you still use these side-by-side templates if you’re not selling food? You absolutely can because they work great for other types of items too.

Use those side-by-side templates to show off some fashionable shirts and pants combos. Feature some of your seasonal items using those templates to show your customers how well they work together.

You don’t necessarily have to limit yourself to just featuring two items. Some free templates provide three equal slots for you to use. Take full advantage of them and show off some packages and bundles that will pique your customers’ interest.

Promo Templates

Events like sales can do big numbers for online businesses. You can move a ton of products during that period. Whatever losses you take via individual sales can be made up for by the sheer volume of transactions.

Note there, though, that you need a high volume of transactions to make your upcoming sale as profitable as it can be. This is why you will need the help of a free online collage maker. Some of those online collage makers provide templates that are specifically branded for sales.

While you’re going to spend a considerable amount of time promoting an upcoming sale, using templates to do that for you too is still smart.

For starters, using the templates to promote the products you’re selling eliminates confusion. You won’t have possible buyers asking you constantly which items are for sale. Simply include them in your collages and make it easier for your buyers to browse the discounted products.

It’s also a good move to use promo templates with bright logos. You would think that the word “sale” alone would be enough to capture someone’s attention, but some may be browsing too quickly to notice. Allow that brightly colored “sale” logo in the template to catch more buyers’ attention and generate more profits for your business.

Social Media Templates

Last up, we have social media templates. It’s difficult to overstate how important it is to use the social media templates provided by the free online collage maker of your choice.

We all know how important social networking sites are these days. If you want to run a successful online storefront, doing so would be difficult if you don’t lean on social media. The reach of those social networking sites is second to none, and you need that to kickstart and eventually grow your business.

Thankfully, free collage makers offer templates for the big social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Some collage makers even provide templates that you can use as headers. Having a header like that will give your online business a more professional look. It’s a nice touch that can make a good impression on many online shoppers.

Running an online store can be stressful and challenging, but it can also be fun and very profitable. Use the available tools to make managing your online store as easy as possible. Free collage makers are among those tools, so use them as much as you like.

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