Money On A Budget

Making The Most Your Money On A Budget

Keeping an eye on your finances is not always easy, especially if you are under the pressure of a tight budget. However, there are a few ways to tighten your belt without feeling like you are going without or not upgrading those things that need changing.

Feeling like you are heavily restricted when it comes to financing, and the options open to you can be very depressing. By making a few changes to how you make your purchases and how you view the options available to you can give you a new and great sense of freedom while alleviating the pressures on your purse strings.

Batch cooking from scratch

It may surprise you to know that it works out far cheaper to buy ingredients and make your own meals than buy those which are ready-made or the ones which are processed and straight from the freezer. By preparing your own food, you will also be eating a lot more healthily too.

The secret to saving money and eating healthily while saving time is to plan your meal diary and batch cook your meals.

Write out a shopping list with ingredients for enough meals to last you at least a week, choose meals that have comparable ingredients to make it easier for you and your pocket.

Put aside a day close to the day you shopped to do your cooking and make sure that you have plenty of containers to store the meals in and freezer safe.

Batch cook your meals and tub them up in serving-sized portions. This way, if you or any of your family do not want to eat the same meal, everyone has a choice to have something different. This is also a handy option as it means that you have a healthy food option just minutes away, which may also cut down on the fast-food option on those really busy days.

Makeused with confidence

When you need to buy the big expensive purchases, look to buy from the second-hand market. This really could save you a lot of money. Purchases such as cars, for example, are easily available from showrooms like Border City Autos, which can be delivered to your door, and there is more than likely the option to part exchange your old vehicle and even get finance if need be. There is so much choice available and prices to suit everyone’s budget. It makes sense to buy second-hand vehicles as the savings are substantial.

Supporting thrift stores and welfare

It is always good to support thrift stores and welfare, whether by donating your own unwanted items or going shopping and purchasing some items for yourself or your household. Plus, you have the feel-good factor of helping someone else and helping the environment by recycling.

There are so many charity shops. Some even sell furniture that could transform any room with a lick of paint and a bit of thought. This is a great way to save money while giving your home a boost and getting the change which if you were to buy new would work out to be very expensive, and you could make all your items unique to you without worrying that you are defacing an expensive piece of furniture. You can always give your wardrobe a change or that of your kids by buying clothes from thrift stores. In addition, many people donate their designer label items, so there are bargains to be found for those who look.

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