Microsoft Access Cloud Database

Microsoft Access Cloud Databases Are Still in Demand

The Microsoft Access Cloud database application was around since 1992 when they released version 1.0. Since that time, it is considered a creative application, as most related databases were either costly database servers or DOS applications.

Now dominant database server software is available as open-source and can be downloaded for free. Microsoft holds SQL Server Express Edition, which is free to download, which can be used for small projects. More important versions of SQL Server are still in reach for most projects, budgets and a licensed SQL Server may already be accessible & installed on-site. 

So why to use Microsoft Access Cloud Databases now?

Access for Businesses

The purpose of using Access is that it instantly fulfills business requirements for many kinds of small-sized database solutions. It is an extremely productive tool; therefore, good results can quickly be created that can benefit your business.

Most of the users are satisfied while using Access. They feel happy with the product, project budget, and authority of the application. 

Unlike other databases, Access is also a GUI (graphical user interface) toolkit. It comes with everything you require to build databases that are compatible with an SME, series of projects, department, workgroup, etc. 

MS Access comes with:

  • Form builder
  • Report builder
  • Macro writer
  • VBA programming language
  • Database
  • Table builder
  • Query builder

A Microsoft Access Cloud Database solution does not need hardware, server OS, or custom application software. Although sometimes thought of as a single user database, it works well with multiple coexisting users (but it is better to keep it to < 10). Access can be used as a front-end to a stronger database, such as SQL Server or any other ODBC databases. The result is that a complex application can be created within reach of most application project budgets, and simple databases can be mutual as an add-on to a control system plan.

Flexible and Portable

One of the features that many users like is the simplicity of portability. It can also be used on a Mac or in Linux, it is easy to copy or move, just like an Excel file. Since an Access application can be in one file, it is easy to copy the database for another use, like a new project, or to duplicate it to other locations. IT personnel may flinch at this capability, but users usually like this feature as it allows for great flexibility.

Many users appreciate that the interface is very user-friendly & that once they get started with Access, they can operate it with ease. It is comparatively easy to make modifications to adjust it to their changing business requirements.


MS Access has been throughout for over 25 years. Although Microsoft has not been improvising the product much in the past 10 years, predictions of its not being continued have been highly exaggerated. It remains the sixth most popular relational database.

The Caution!

Even though Access is a beneficial database, there are some reasons not to use Access on database projects as well.  

Do not use Access for:

  • Databases with sensitive and classified data
  • Databases that require role-based security.
  • Large databases
  • Applications with many coexisting users
  • Large scale data logging with high-performance 
  • Databases with a custom or a web-based front end.

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