Mortgage Agents And Their Duties In 2021

Investing in a property.

Has the idea of it ever crossed your consciousness?

In a country like Canada a lot of people, especially those who are saving up to buy their first home, prefer more of a rental situation to build up enough down payment so that you get less mortgage rate eventually.

The reason is good enough and so is the method but the other most important person who can help you accomplish your goal of getting a pretty reasonable mortgage rate is a mortgage agent. Any mortgage agent will be able to get you good financial deals but the best mortgage agent will be able to get you that perfect deal you have been fretting for.

Money lenders and mortgage brokers in Canada follow certain rules that align to the lending criteria and it is the mortgage agents who navigate through them to get their clients the best financial deals available. One of the rules dictate that you need to pay at least 20% down payment to purchase a non-owner rental property

In any property the number of units in a building is considered. The residential and the rental ones as well. These are usually four units zoned properties. The five unit properties are zoned as commercial and they usually qualify for commercial mortgages. And the best mortgage agents can even get their clients great deals on those.A variable rate can also be helpful to get a lower mortgage. The biggest advantage of the variable rate is the lower interest rate in case of a prepayment penalty within three months

A good mortgage agent knows that each situation is unique and so he or she crafts and curates the financial advice according to the uniqueness of the situation. Be it the mortgage agent in Waterloo or Ontario, any agent worth his or her salt will understand this and cater to their clients in a similar way.

The advantages of second mortgage

A second mortgage is the additional loan on top of an existing loan against your property. This is a secondary loan that falls behind your primary one. This amount that you receive from your second mortgage largely depends on the home equity and current value of the property.

Before the reasons to go for a second mortgage is told, this is a very intricate and delicate topic and it demands extensive research and a professional eye before anyone even thinks about taking this as a viable option.

That being said let’s dive into why is second mortgage a good financial option in 2021

Fast turnaround

This is the quickest way to get your hands on liquid cash. Maybe it’s the down payment on a vacation house or urgent admission payment to go to a university or to pay off some outstanding debtor to put a down payment on a new car or to compensate for the hard COVID times, in any situation where immediate cash is needed any other loan process would be time consuming and a pain except this.

Low interest rates

The low interest rates of second mortgage loans makes it more convenient for the loanee when compared to unsecured loans. A lot of money lenders or loan brokers or even banks and credit cards offer loans that are quite unsecure causing the interest rate to be higher. Since the second mortgage uses the property as a collateral so the interest rate inadvertently goes low.

Larger amount can be loaned

Suppose you need extra money as you do not know how much exactly you would need to take care of a crisis, this is where the second mortgage comes in handy. A second line of credit on home equity could extract a larger amount with a low interest rate.

A loan breaker

Loans are necessary in life to maintain a balance as they provide you the means to provide care to yourself and your family. These are loans you have to pay off and you can use a second mortgage to pay it off without any hassle.

Be it a money lender in Mississauga or Ontario or even Waterloo, any lender worth their salt would immediately recommend their client a second mortgage if need be.

Mortgage penalty and how you can stop it

Mortgage penalties in Canada are quite clechfully strict and abided by almost everyone. When the citizens of the country buy a house engaging on a mortgage for 25 years and then lose their jobs or move to another city, they pay a mortgage penalty.

Any mortgage advisor would recommend an iron clad contract so that mortgage penalties would not cost you so much or even anything but first we have to understand what mortgage penalties are.

A mortgage penalty is the fee charged by your lender if you break your mortgage contract, Transfer the deeds to your mortgage to another person, sell your house and pay the mortgage even before term ends and many more.

Now let’s dive into the ways you can either minimize or even completely forego a mortgage penalty

Include your old mortgage with your new one

Suppose one of the reasons why the mortgage penalty would be liable on you is because you are moving to another city or town in Canada. Then you can choose the option of blending and extending your mortgage wherein you extend your current mortgage into your new mortgage for a new house in the new city.

Prepayments reduces mortgage penalties

Mortgage lenders and advisors can definitely suggest you to take advantage of prepayments and lower mortgage loans and hence the penalties.

Shorter term mortgage

A mortgage that is payable in a shorter span of time is also another way to go to reduce mortgage penalties. This is also called an open mortgage where you pay off your balance in a short span of time. But this does increase the interest rate by much. If an open mortgage is taken then the payable term is usually 1-2 years.

Contract negotiation

The easiest way to go would be to negotiate with money lenders and look for a flexible option. The top brokers in Canada would help you reach the lenders offering multiple options in such intricate situations. These brokers can negotiate a good deal for you thus helping you fend off possibility of paying huge Mortgage penalties

How to qualify for a private mortgage in Canada

Traditional mortgages may have formal applications including background checks, crest checks, employment approval and tons of other things, but private mortgages are usually arranged through private mortgage brokers. If the financial institutions haven rejected you and refused to lend you money then these are the private lenders you go to.

Qualifying for private mortgages in Toronto or for a matter of fact in any other city in Canada can be way easier than qualifying for mortgages in financial institutions. All the strict requirements and checks that go into these are not required to get private mortgages.

Though private lenders and brokers seek such opportunities only to invest more and earn from the interest payments. Their interest in credit history is much less than the value of the property they keep as collateral.

The major differences between traditional and private mortgages are

Down payment

Private lenders prefer a down payment of at least 15 percent of the total money that is completely dependent on the type of property being financed. They tend to do so to keep themselves protected if things turn bad.  They keep at least 85 percent on the loan.

Interest rate

The interest rates of private mortgages are higher than traditional ones. They are usually between 8 to 18 percent. There is a significant difference between them

Term length

The length of Private mortgages are quite less than the traditional mortgages. Usually the traditional ones last till 10 years whereas the term length of private mortgages can last from six months to five years.

Property type

Traditional residential properties like family homes, bungalows and properties can be mortgaged traditionally but non-traditional residential property such as condos or mobile homes have private mortgage lenders as their only choice.

Structure of payment

Even the best private mortgage rates help you pay off the mortgage loan within the term including principle which is unheard of in traditional mortgages.

If you do want to check out good mortgage firms then have a look at the services provided by iBridge Capital. They are one of the best mortgage firms in the country providing catered financial services to all.

Ways to make a home affordable

Affording a home in any country is a challenging but achievable dream. A home is one of the strongest desires because a roof over our heads does provide us with the utmost safety. But the cost of these homes does not go down but keeps increasing more and more each year.

That is where mortgage plays a very important role. Mortgage payments are a way for anyone to pay a certain amount within a certain time period with interest. And you can get mortgage loans from financial institutions or private lenders and companies. The best mortgage companies offer lower interest rates and many more amenities.

Now let’s dive into what makes a home affordable with mortgages


Homes at the heart of the city are much more expensive due to the exclusivity of the location and the constant demand it is under. A home in the suburban areas can help churn out affordable options that even makes the mortgage much more affordable.

Mortgage brokers

The mortgage brokers can help amp up the process and use back doors and their qualifications to lower the mortgage rate of these homes. They can also make you more accessible to lenders They are also pretty good at helping you lower your overall debts that eases your credit score making you eligible for low mortgage rates.

Rent a property

Renting a property can help you save for a down payment so that you can buy a home for yourself later with a lower mortgage rate. Because the greater the down payment, the lesser the mortgage rate.

Save diligently

Saving and more saving can really help you get a lesser mortgage rate as you can pay for a bigger down payment.

The lowest mortgage rate can be found at iBridge Capital, where the agents work less for the numbers and more for the people to give them a home and a life they deserve

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