5 Online Shopping Trends that are Shaping E-Commerce

5 Online Shopping Trends that are Shaping E-Commerce

There is expert research showing the global eCommerce industry was worth USD 10.26 trillion, and it’s expected to reach a value of over USD 27 trillion by 2027. These staggering figures highlight the rapid growth of this lucrative market. However, as the industry gets bigger, there are also many novel shopping methods coming to the fore.

But, what are the emerging online shopping trends affecting the eCommerce industry? By staying current, you could improve your eCommerce shopping experience and even get better deals. The good news is you can easily keep up to date with popular online shopping models even though they are changing at a rapid pace.

Let’s dive in and find out more about some new eCommerce shopping trends.


1. Voice Search

With the increase in popularity of smart speakers, consumers are now ordering goods using voice commands. While this method offers greater convenience than typing in order details, it can also be a vital service.

For example, patients with certain medical disorders may find it hard to use the computer or phone. In this scenario, they could order their prescription from 90DayMeds without using their hands.

Voice search is an excellent development and is only likely to become more useful as new voice tech advancements enter the market.

2. AI and Personalized Shopping

Artificial intelligence (AI) software can analyze your shopping behavior and provide you with personalized options for your next purchase. This can help you find items you may not have thought of before, and speed up the shopping process as advertisements for relevant goods will appear on the screen when you search the internet.

3. Chatbots

In the recent past, consumers found it frustrating when they couldn’t speak to a live customer representative. However, chatbots are sounding more like real people every day, and they can perform a wide range of helpful duties.

Get ready to spend more time receiving delivery status updates from chatbots, as well as making payments through these intelligent software programs.

4. Growth of Subscription Models

Many consumers struggle to find free time in their daily lives, and staying on top of their shopping lists can be challenging. But, subscription models are eliminating the need to repeatedly shop for the same items. Simply order once, set the order to repeat, and the goods will automatically appear at your door at the specified time frames.

This can be a popular option for monthly or weekly deliveries of groceries or other essential items.

5. Improved Distribution Channels

One of the ways companies can get a competitive edge is to offer faster delivery times. Many businesses already offer next-day deliveries and the option to receive your goods on the same day you order is becoming more prevalent. Watch out for an increase in drone deliveries over the coming months.

Keep an Eye Out for New Online Shopping Trends

There are many exciting current online shopping trends, and there are sure to be new ones coming out every year. It may take some getting used to, but you could benefit from shopping using voice search, and even speaking only to chatbots instead of a real person.

The convenience of subscription models is sure to make them popular amongst consumers, while delivery times just seem to keep getting faster.

The next eCommerce shopping trends could be even more impressive! Before you rush off to shop online, be sure to check out more helpful posts in our Lifestyle and Tech sections before you go.

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