Wednesday , September 27 2023
Select CITYWALK Saket

Organise a fun day out for your parents at Select CITYWALK, Saket

Senior years are called golden years for a reason. Of course, the challenges are real but even the smallest of joys bring the greatest of pleasures to our ageing parents. As they say, age is just a number. Then why should a number dictate how much fun they are allowed to have?

Select CITYWALK is a go-to place for all things fun in Delhi NCR and we are talking about senior citizens too. When your parents are no longer worrying about your education, career, and bills, and are ready to find happiness in the little comforts of life, it’ll be amazing to have a day out on their own or with family. Select CITYWALK ensures that the place has something for everyone and no one is left behind. With Assisted Senior Citizen Care, it has made everything all the more accessible and comfortable for the elderly. The initiative allows them to enjoy shopping, scouting, and strolling with utmost care and comfort.


Remember the days when you almost avoided malls because you worried about exerting your family while picking things off the shelves and carrying the cart around? Well, those days are gone, at least at Select CITYWALK.  The Assisted Senior Care program ensures that your parents get to buy all that’s on their list without having to bend, stretch, or pick things themselves. A senior care assistant will do it all for them! With hands-free shopping, they can shop seasonal picks, scout for the latest comfort wear, and search for pretty much everything like everyone else.


Most seniors avoid going to malls because of the amount of walking it requires to go from one store to another. With wheelchair assistance, however, they no longer have to resist shopping on weekends. Just bring them along and everything will be catered to with utmost care. A trip to the mall is just going to be a joyride for them!


Grocery shopping is often a seemingly tedious task for the elderly. It’s easier to just take the list to your nearest mart and bring everything home but what is even easier is to have assisted grocery shopping at Select CITYWALK. A designated assistant will be there to help carry their bags and even decide the best items on the shelves. With massive stores like Modern Bazaar at the mall, they can grab anything they want with ease.


Turning 60 doesn’t mean staying home and doing run-of-the-mill chores every day. Some days can be made special. Your parents can enjoy impromptu dates just like in the old days without having to worry about table bookings. The assisted senior care services at Select CITYWALK allow them to have the perfect dining experience with their partner or the whole family. Just have them share their food preference and it will be organised in no time. If they are craving some Japanese flavour, you can have them visit Harajuku Tokyo Cafe. An amazing choice for vegetarians is Burma Burma, a place for all this wholesome. The mall has endless options like Sly Granny Cafe, Andrea’s Eatery, Theobroma, Sattvik Restaurant, and more for their impromptu delights.

Let their old age be the beginning of new experiences. Just because they are ageing doesn’t mean they need to avoid fun and just embrace worries. The Assisted Senior Care initiative is a tiny step by Select CITYWALK to help them savour every single moment of this beautiful life and well, have you worry a little less about them too.

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