Pandemic Fosters Gambling In Poland

Pandemic Fosters Gambling In Poland

The pandemic has significantly influenced social, economic, and other processes both in Poland and other countries. Gambling has not become an exception to this question. However, the result of gambling and the pandemic is somewhat different as compared to the impact of COVID-19 on other spheres of social life. When the majority of fields experienced frustration and decline, the online “kasyna legalne w Polsce” sector experienced an increase in its development in Poland. There are many factors that contributed to it. They include the complete isolation of people who started to seek sources of fun in casino games, and the prequalification of different gaming industries to the gambling sector. This, in its turn, was caused by the changes in interests in society. 

Impact of Isolation

The pandemic and the resulting isolation have led to a sharp increase in the number of visitors to online casinos and gambling sites. In fact, because people were forced or semi-forced to stay at home for a long time and had nothing to entertain themselves, many tried playing live dealer games online or betting on online slots. Many casino sites found new visitors, and players who previously used the services of land-based casinos also began to play online. This development significantly changes the traditional way of entertainment through gambling.

Psychological factors

For obvious reasons, almost all gambling has moved to the online sector. It is because to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, casinos, slot machine facilities, and bookmaker offices appeared to be closed. For those looking for excitement and thrills, playing on the Internet has become almost the only opportunity to test their luck. It is not a surprise that the profits of the gaming industry, which has developed online, are increasing. Apart from those games the casino lovers play regularly, there is an opportunity to try new offers in the gambling market. As a result, the concurrency in the gambling market has increased as well. 

Various online platforms started to be looking for more effective ways to attract customers and are focusing on options that will allow the gaming industry to offer their services more effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic. Such attractive offers include the ability to make a deposit for a minimum amount, various bonuses, as well as the ability to bet on those types of events that partially replace the inability to bet on the usual sports competitions.

During self-isolation, Polish people usually have more spare time, which, as a result, encourages them to visit their favourite entertainment sites at any opportunity. The psycho-emotional state of people during the world crisis, their financial instability, and their lack of work—are factors that also cause a desire to distract their attention to something pleasant and engaging.

The Issues from the Side of Gambling providers

The rise of interest in online gaming has influenced the revenues of casino providers. It is interesting that some service providers decided to raise the prices of their products, while others were forced to suspend their activities altogether due to the consequences caused by the outbreak of the coronavirus. The tendencies in the gambling industry development are the following:

  • First, the demand for gaming content has increased significantly, which is hardly surprising, as operators understand how to attract and retain audiences. Gaming content is the primary foundation of this process.
  • Secondly, operators began to take an active interest in online casino software. This relates to both those who are just starting their business and those who intend to shift the focus of their project from betting to online gambling. Slots, games with live dealers, card games, and lotto—are the universal content that significantly increases the scope of potentially interested users, making the scope of the target audience much wider.

In a day when many entrepreneurs are at risk of losing their businesses, people are turning their attention to the online industry. Therefore, services related to the launch, support, and development of online casinos are among the most popular. In addition, to attract the attention of players to their platform, operators are interested in providing high-quality and diverse game content. 

Will This Jump Be Maintained?

The only true thing that can be said is that no one has an unequivocal, and more importantly, an exact answer because the gaming industry is not only a land-based but also an online casino sector. While the first is almost universally paralysed due to the measures taken (quarantine, border closure), the second sector, if not flourishing, is definitely witnessing active development with the arrival of new players and a longer period of user activity. However, even in online gambling, everything is not so obvious. As we know, the betting sector has found itself in a very difficult position due to its close connection with sports. In other words, there are additional external factors that can affect the situation, and the number of these factors is much greater. But, in any case, Polish gamblers will hardly demonstrate a decrease in their interest in online gambling. 

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