Purchasing a House

Planning to Buy a House? Consider These Factors First

It’s everyone’s dream to have a house of their own one day. Some are still dreaming while others are working hard to get theirs.And of course, you want yours to be as beautiful as any other.But before you go out and buy one, there are a few pointers you need to take into account.


Rarely can a person choose the option of buying a house without help from financial institutions. Not everyone has the capability to put up the exact amount a house they like is selling for.If this applies to you, then getting a house loan is your only choice.

The method is you go to the bank and ask for one. You would then be required to present various requirements such as your social security number, a valid ID, federal tax returns, etc.The bank will only approve your application if your credit score and income are acceptable and if you can afford the down payment, which is usually 20 percent. When your credit score is lower than 500, the bank might deem you a risky borrower. Though having a high income is not needed, you have to show that you can handle the monthly payments.The bank then decides whether an applicant is worthy after assessment.

But rejection doesn’t mean the end. You can always obtain a house loan from mortgage lenders. Compared to banks, they have friendlier options and give applicants who do not have the best records higher chances of getting a mortgage.


If you have been eyeing a house for quite some time now, and believe a hundred percent that it is the perfect one, check again.Is it situated in a safe neighborhood? Do you have to commute long hours to get to work? Will it be a great place to start a family?These are just a few questions you should ask yourself before going through with buying it. Itdoesn’t matter if your house looks great, located in a place where crime is prevalent, or in an area with questionable neighbors, then you might have to reconsider.

Also, keep in mind that the value of houses varies depending on location. A 1000-square-foot home in Cleveland is cheaper than one located in San Francisco.

Is Renting the Better Option?

Unless you’re a mogul of some kind or a high-paid celebrity, buying a house is a major and expensive decision.You need to identify why you think purchasing a new home is the right thing to do.Are you buying it because you need it? Or you want to impress your friends?

It is advisable that you only get a house if its monthly costs do not exceed 35 percent of your monthly income.Always make sure that you can afford the mortgage without struggling to make ends meet because if that’s the case, then renting might be the better option.

Renting offers you a degree of flexibility, meaning transferring from one place to another is much easier. You don’t have to pay any taxes, and the landlord shoulders maintenance and repairs.But owning a home means you can’t get kicked out unless you forfeit the mortgage, of course. On the other hand, tenants can get evicted by the landlord anytime they feel like doing so.Look at your current state, and contemplate deeply on whether to buy or rent.

Is a House an Investment?

A house is technically an asset, but unfortunately, the non-earning kind.Mortgages usually run for more than two decades. An average working person cannot lose their job unless they have other sources of income for monthly payments.So if you’re thinking about retiring early, think again.

Aside from that, a house requires maintenance, which can be very costly depending on its current state.Property taxes will also be a problem for the less fortunate homeowners.

But a house can also be seen as an investment. If your property’s value appreciates, you can sell it at a much higher price in the future.You can also lease it out while you rent, but a single-family home isn’t the best way to have a passive income.

Decide Wisely Owning a home, especially the one you’ve always dreamed of, is a huge achievement for many. There is a level of prestige that comes with being a homeowner.However, is it worth it? Are you willing to spend all that money to have a house?Do you even have a good enough record of being granted a loan?Before buying a house, consider all these factors and determine whether you really need one.

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