3 Key Tips for Proper Eyelash Care

3 Key Tips for Proper Eyelash Care

Are you properly taking care of your eyelashes? What should you do to improve your eyelash care routine?

Eyelashes are essential to your face as they act as defensive curtains and stop dirt from entering the eyes. They are also a significant feature of a woman’s character. Many women have tried various methods like mascara, tinting, lift, and lash extensions.

With all the makeup products going onto your eyes, are your eyelashes healthy and nourished? Keep reading to know a few eyelash care tips to add to your beauty.

1. Check the Ingredients in Lash Care Products

To ensure you have healthy eyelashes, avoid using products that have phthalates, parabens, and ethyl alcohol. Only certain ingredients may help for healthier lash hair growth. For example, Keratin can help smoothen the cells that help make new strands.

Another is castor oil, which helps stimulate lash growth and thicken your lashes. Other than those, Biotin is a B vitamin that also helps in enhancing hair health.

If you want to purchase a product that’s effective in promoting long and healthy lashes, try Revitalash Advanced Eyelash.

2. Use Effective Vitamins for Eyelashes

It’s best to start taking vitamins, either supplements or natural food sources. It’s not only good for your health, but it also helps repair dry and brittle lashes and boost blood flow in hair strands.

The following vitamins can help enhance collagen production and promotes eyelash growth:

  • Niacin or Vitamin B-3
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Biotin or Vitamin B
  • Vitamin H

Some natural sources of niacin are mushrooms and peanuts. In addition, you can get vitamin C in foods like cranberries and tomatoes.

Almonds and spinach are sources of vitamin E, while walnuts and soybeans are good for Biotin. Other food sources like eggs give Biotin and protein for the growth of eyelashes.

Yogurt is an excellent Vitamin B-5 source that offers terrific benefits to the scalp and lashes. Also, Omega-3 fatty acids help lower hair fall and boost the thickness of the scalp and eyelashes.

3. Never Leave Your Makeup On

Although we know that we have to remove eyeliner and kajal from the eyelid, we tend not to clean them fully. So, it’s best to wash them off and not let mascara or its residue collect on your lashes. Leaving your makeup on can cause an eye infection and may also cause your lashes to fall off.

Consider using some lanolin oil for your lash hair. This natural oil will moisturize your lashes without making them greasy but instead will make them fuller.

As much as you love using mascara, take a day off from makeup to give your follicles a breather. Try to resist getting regular eyelash extensions and false lashes, and use them only if necessary as they may cause hair fall.

Also, if you feel an itch in your eye, avoid tugging and scratching at your eyes, and instead use eye drops.

Here are Your Three Eyelash Care Tips!

By following these few tips on eyelash care, you can be sure to have healthier lash hair growth. Knowing which ingredients to avoid and the source of vitamins that are best for your lash hair is a great way to start. It’s also best to go natural and wash your face before bedtime.

Caring for eyelashes should be a daily habit, and you should hop on it starting today! Looking for more tips for eyelashes? Browse through our collection of guides.

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