E2 Visa

Pros and Cons of Having an E2 Visa

One of the requirements for an E2 Visa application is making a substantial investment in a US company. Therefore, you have to spend a lot to qualify for this non-immigrant visa, applicable to foreign entrepreneurs and investors.

With such sums of money, it is inevitable to ask, does it worth spending that much? Do the consequences are overwhelming with benefits or risks?

Thus, with questions in mind, it is better to look into the advantages and disadvantages before going through the tedious processes of the application. So, take your time and study your plans with this E2 Visa Guide.

Nature of E2 Visa

 First, E2 Visa belongs to the classification of non-immigrant visas. It means that holders do not enjoy the privileges mandate by law for immigrants, such as becoming permanent residents in the US.

Although E2 visas are renewable and holders may enter American soil for an unlimited time, applicants must prove to have a stable and profitable business. Plus, they have to establish the intent to depart from the US when the visa expires.

Also, the applicant must be a bonafide national of a country that has an E2 treaty with the US. The applicant may be denied without satisfying this fundamental provision of the law, regardless of the vast amount invested in a US company.  

Benefits of E2 Visa

What good does having an E2 Visa may bring? Here is a rundown of some advantages of holding such a visa.

Start and Run a Business

Of course, E2 visa holders may establish and develop their business in the US. As a result, foreign business owners may enjoy the richness of the US market and expand their brand. Besides, it is the primary intention of this law.

The Federal Government intends to attract foreign investors to boost their economy. They believe that businesses can create more jobs, contribute to tax collections, and may significantly impact the culture and heritage of Americans.

Not to mention that it is as clear as day that the law provides no exact or minimum amount of investment. However, provided that such amount is adequate to sponsor the development and operation of such a business.

Family Members’ Eligibility

When an E2 Visa applicant qualifies, his spouse and children may also qualify. Federal Immigration may issue a dependent visa which allows them to move freely in America.

For instance, the spouse may apply for work authorization and get employment. Also, their children who are still below 21 may study in any school or university in any state. However, they don’t qualify for a work visa.

Multiple Entry

E2 investors may also enjoy extended periods of stay in the US. Likewise, they may re-enter regardless of how long they have resided in other countries. They may maintain this status as long as the visa is in full expect.

Downsides of E2 Visa

Naturally, E2 visas have limitations, and it may backfire on the holder, especially when the invested business did not perform well. Here are some examples.

When the Business Fails

An E2 Visa is only as good as your business and investments. Your chances of renewal lose when the business you made prior investment is not stable.

Worse, you have to leave the US when such a company fails. The same penalty applies when the business you started also failed.

More so, you may only work in the company you made investments in. Hence, you can’t apply for another job when your business closes.

Stripped Family Benefits

As a chain effect, the E2 visa expires or loses its validity due to business failures, the dependent visa becomes null and void.

Also, children with E2 dependent visas who reach 21 must apply for another visa to legally stay in the US. Otherwise, they have to leave as well.


Individuals or companies with voluminous assets and consistent and progressive business opportunities can fully enjoy the benefits of an E2 visa. So, if you’re not really into business, don’t apply for it. Otherwise, pursue another type of visa conducive to your conditions and qualifications. Nevertheless, if you have good and valuable business engagements, take good care of it and use it as an asset to conquer America. 

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